Monthly Archives: December 2010

Laila <3 Ansam Yogurt

After I posted about Sara, another reader sent me a picture of her daughter Laila enjoying my yogurt at Napket 😉 Too cute ❤

Thank you Zainab 😉

Graffiti at Marina Waves

Any idea who did this wall? Were they hired to do it or just some random taggers did it? Any famous Graffiti taggers/artists you know of?

Spotted – Marijuana Air Freshener?

Enjoy a drive on the “high”-way 😛

The Living Room Lounge Brunch

Over a month back, and exactly a couple of days after Eid AlAdha, we went to The Living Room Lounge for brunch.

We were six persons; my mom, sisters, cousin, his mom, and I 😉 We all ordered the same drink, so it was served in a pitcher (I can’t remember the name of our drink, but it was the one with ginger)

We placed our orders; three Arabian Breakfasts and Three Scrambled Eggs, their famous scrambled eggs Danderma wrote about a while back… but I never got the chance to try/review it till now 😉 So just like Danderma, I usually go there for Continue reading

Dinner at Dalag Es’hail

Last night, Toomzie suggested we go to Dalag Es’hail for dinner… so my sister and I joined her and her friends…. it was a night full of laughter and joy 😉

Its been a while since I have been there… but some things never change! You see a Continue reading

Baking Tray Christmas Goodies

I was at Baking Tray with Basma yesterday and snapped pictures of their Christmas goodies!

Christmas Log Cake – KD20

Gingerbread Cookies (KD0.900 – 1.250)

Anyone tried’em?

New From Chocolateness

Can you guess what that is? And I am not talking about the famous Chocolateness rectangular box, I am talking about whats on top of it!!

Well its their Continue reading