Monthly Archives: December 2010

Laila <3 Ansam Yogurt

After I posted about Sara, another reader sent me a picture of her daughter Laila enjoying my yogurt at Napket 😉 Too cute ❤

Thank you Zainab 😉

Graffiti at Marina Waves

Any idea who did this wall? Were they hired to do it or just some random taggers did it? Any famous Graffiti taggers/artists you know of?

Spotted – Marijuana Air Freshener?

Enjoy a drive on the “high”-way 😛

The Living Room Lounge Brunch

Over a month back, and exactly a couple of days after Eid AlAdha, we went to The Living Room Lounge for brunch.

We were six persons; my mom, sisters, cousin, his mom, and I 😉 We all ordered the same drink, so it was served in a pitcher (I can’t remember the name of our drink, but it was the one with ginger)

We placed our orders; three Arabian Breakfasts and Three Scrambled Eggs, their famous scrambled eggs Danderma wrote about a while back… but I never got the chance to try/review it till now 😉 So just like Danderma, I usually go there for Continue reading

Dinner at Dalag Es’hail

Last night, Toomzie suggested we go to Dalag Es’hail for dinner… so my sister and I joined her and her friends…. it was a night full of laughter and joy 😉

Its been a while since I have been there… but some things never change! You see a Continue reading

Baking Tray Christmas Goodies

I was at Baking Tray with Basma yesterday and snapped pictures of their Christmas goodies!

Christmas Log Cake – KD20

Gingerbread Cookies (KD0.900 – 1.250)

Anyone tried’em?

New From Chocolateness

Can you guess what that is? And I am not talking about the famous Chocolateness rectangular box, I am talking about whats on top of it!!

Well its their Continue reading

52 Degrees – Soft Opening

I was invited to the soft opening of 52 Degrees earlier today.

I went to the event with my cousin Noufa, and I must say it was amazing! Everything was Continue reading


What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Any new year’s traditions you have? (here are some)

Great Steak – The Restaurant

We were invited for food tasting and evaluation of the soft opened restaurant Great Steak in AlShaab.

The restaurant is not fully open, and there is an outside seating area that you get into it from the inside which is not done yet… but the atmosphere is hip and young with Continue reading