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THE 99 Animation Preview


Blueberry Icy Yogurt

Last night while in the Avenues with Shushu & Arwa… and after our feast at Gaucho Grill, we decided to stop at Napket! I have had called them earlier to inquire about their flavor of the day for the Icy Yogurt and it was Blueberry!

Perfect 😉

Since we decided to sit outside, and since I did not bring my camera…. picture quality was not all that, but the Icy Yogurt was REALLY good!

I had mine with no toppings

While Arwa ordered hers swirly with the natural flavor and topped with strawberry and pomegranate (sorry forgot to snap it earlier)

We both loved it so much! It taste so good… but I still feel that the watermelon is the best out of the flavors I have tastes (besides the natural one of course).

Shushu joined us later! She is not into icy/frozen yogurt, and she really did not trust Arwa & I much, specially after Gaucho Grill to try “new” items, so she opted for Cold Stone. But seeing how we went “ohh and ahhh” with every bite, she tried it and surprisingly LOVED it so much!!

Anyways…. the list is now as follows

  • Natural (check)
  • Coconut (check)
  • Watermelon (check)
  • Blueberry (check)
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Blackberry
  • Honeydew

Fortunately, when I got back home…. I was tagged in a picture my cousin had taken of the Blueberry icy yogurt! MUCH better than mine

Thanks Noufa K. 😉

Napket is located in the Avenues Phase II and their tel # is 2259-7755

Oh…. and Hi “Dodi” :-*

Gaucho’s New Burgers

Many of my burger outings are with Arwa & Shushu! And this time it was a bit of an adventure.

Shushu had texted me earlier in the day to meet at Gaucho Grill for burger… I was so up for it and was SO HUNGRY by the time we got there. Flipping through the menu, the waiter came by with the usual steaks tray but we told him that we all wanted burgers. He suggested that we try the new burgers they have. The order comes with four different burgers. We clearly asked him if it was slider size, and he confirmed it… he suggested though we have ONE order for all of us, but then again when we asked him about the size… he was like its “small”.

Shushu looked at the leaflet, since they were not on the menu, and was like “Guys! I dont think he knows what sliders are. The order is KD11-something”. But I still wanted to try it although Shushu tried to bring some sense into us LOL… the order came in and we were all SHOCKED!!! Check out the “small” Continue reading

Craving Monte Cristo!

At work and craving Early Bird’s Monte Cristo!

So good… I just wish it came with cranberry sauce!
Speaking of Monte Cristo… did anyone try Caribou’s Monte Cristo? Are they any good?

The House of Etiquette – Kuwait

-As received by email 😉

It is with great pleasure and joy to announce that The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is finally launching!

After over two successful years of effort and industrious training in Europe’s leading internationally certified academy – The Etiquette & Protocol Consultancy and Modular Finishing School Academy of London – UK and a plethora of research in the field of education and etiquette, we are proud to officially announce the launch of The House of Etiquette, Kuwait.  The House of Etiquette has spent a generous time planning and forecasting educational strategies to suit our goals and aims, in addition to finding the personal and bespoke needs of our clients based in the Gulf Region. Therefore, our etiquette school is the first in Kuwait specialized to offer children with the grace of elegance and poise … an asset that would last them for a lifetime filled with professional and social success. Not only are children welcome to be a part of our etiquette school … but programs for young adults and adults are available to! Courses for young adults and adults will be launching soon…but courses for children will be offered first!

The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is very proud to state that it has been solely built on two young Kuwaiti ladies – Bibi Al-Ghanim & Ma’ab Al-Qassem.  These young ladies have an eternal passion and respect for etiquette – both classical and modern. Both Bibi and Ma’ab not only are certified in the areas of etiquette but in addition, Bibi’s knowledge further derives from her master’s degree in Education Management and Leadership whilst Ma’ab’s corporate educational background and over thirty varied certifications in the corporate realm combine to creating a formula of diversity and achievement. The House of Etiquette presents an admiration for refinement with a unique mission to spreading social grace and sophistication within Kuwait’s society. These young ladies are proud locals who know the cultural codes of the Gulf and are finally ready to share their knowledge with YOU!

Therefore, we would cordially like to invite you and your guests to join The House of Etiquette, Kuwait at its official opening reception launch on May 3, 2010 at 6:30PM in the Universal American School in Hawalli.

Each guest is allowed to bring his one extra person and RSVP to

*Please Note: The House of Etiquette, Kuwait official website will launch on May 3, 2010*

Thanks Bibi & Ma’ab 😉

Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog!

This song is stuck in my head for some reason!! I looked it up on YouTube


But this one made me laugh so hard hahahaha


and speaking of bullfrogs….


Falafel and Labneh

I have been craving Falafel and Labneh fatayer lately… and so I ordered it from two different places so far

Fatayer Ala Altayer

and Fatayer & Saj Alarz

I personally prefer the light colored falafel, which is used in Fatayer Ala Altayer… It was lighter and the dough tasted better than Fatayer & Saj Alarz! If you prefer lighter falafel taste with creamy labneh, go for Fatayer Ala Altayer….

Do you know of any other places that serves this item?

Both menus can be found in Q8PaperDump

Fatayer Ala Altayer

Fatayer & Saj Alarz

I <3 McDonald's Sundae!

I love ice cream and frozen yogurt in general… but every once in a while I do crave McDonald’s Sundae… in a cone 😉 So yummy and its 150 fils only 😉


MMC Catering

Being the foodie that I am, I am recommending this facebook group for you to join 😉

Its called MMC Catering!

Many restaurants in Kuwait are under the MMC Catering such as Italo’s

Crimson Garden

Cafe Meem



I have been to all the restaurants mentioned above, well except for Cafe Meem but I tried their food in TOK 2010.

Anyways click the links below for some of my reviews 😉

Dinner @ Rice

Another Trip to Crimson Garden

Mentioning Italo’s in this post

Mentioning Cafe Meem in this post


Up & Down Buttons Usage :-P

Taken in Behbehani Tower in Kuwait City…..

That’s good to know….. I guess 😛

Thanks Lateefa K. 😉