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Ryoog – Second Visit

I have decided to give Ryoog a break before I try it again (click here to check my first review). So a couple of months back (I KNOW – it took me a while to post this one), I went again with Noon and her sisters! We headed there at around 6:30am before heading to work!

It was just us and another time when we got there! The service was still slow, but much better than our first visit…. I ordered American Breakfast this time

My problem is… it is somewhat different than the picture they have on their menu (below)

And my pancakes were significantly bigger in size than Noon’s – Sorry Noon 😛 I guess I am luckier 😛

And French Toast for Reo (for some reason, I dont have pictures of Rabaa’s food – I believe it was eggs in a skillet or something)

Anyways… Service improved, yet it was still slow. When we asked the waitress to bring us berries to have on top of our pancakes, she did! Wonder why she didnt have’em from the beginning…

Their aprons on the other hand read -something along these lines-

  • “What part of Your Food Is Not Ready Yet don’t you get?”
  • “Your food will be ready when the smoke alarm sounds”

I didnt really find them funny nor amusing! As a matter of fact, it kinda gave me a feeling that they have attitude problems!

Maybe a third visit is required? Third Time is the Charm ;-)??

Ad – Junk Vs. Healthy

Whadya think of this ad?

Even better? What do you think of cute little Jadi!? Isnt she so adorable, grocery shopping for healthy food 😉

Thank you Jumana for the picture 😉

For more on  Jumana; check out her blog (link) and/or follow her on twitter (link)

52 Degrees – Taw Ellayl

52 Degrees sent me the YouTube links to their Taw Ellayl on AlWatan TV Interview, which covered their Madrid Fashion Week trip I posted about earlier this week (link)




For more, check out 52 Degrees Blog (link)

Ansam Yogurt

After almost four months of launching Ansam Yogurt at Napket, I can say I am very happy with the results! It was supposed to be out for a couple of months, but due to its popularity it was kept for longer, and even during Ramadan which makes me extremely happy! Not to mention the situations I encountered during that period (click here for more).

So this email is just about the pictures I have collected that were taken by others during the past few months of Continue reading

Nuwany Goodies ;-)

I have previously posted about a very interesting shopping websites called Nuwany. About a month ago, I got a bag full of Nuwany’s goodies… and tried them out (well most of the items anyways) and wanted to share my experience with you 😉

Many of the products were from 100% Pure, a brand I came to know about from Nuwany itself… so what do I have in my bag for you to Continue reading

Deer & Dear

During the last week of Ramadan, I was at The Avenues with my friend Luluscious. We passed by Deer & Dear booth on the ground level… we heard about the brand, but did not really know it was already opened, so they directed us to the store… Luluscious got a couple of things. I was happy! The store was full which translate success (all the best to you guys) – the Ts and clothes on display, although very similar to Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and Polo, were creative in their own ways… You read Um Almaradim, Failicha, Boubyan…etc on them! I also liked the KUWAIT T-Shirt!

Well… nothing is perfect! The staff were very busy to attend to all customers, some people waited too long to get simple questions answered, others left the store because they were tired of waiting.. some of the staff were not even friendly! Actually there weren’t a lot of them… also the clothes on display were not in the best shape!! 😦

Steam machine anyone?? I mean maybe they opened in a hurry? But that does not justify it at all… and why not have the Kuwaiti flag on the Ts and dresses!! Why the British flag?!!

Oh and the guys at the booth said you can order online but delivery is only to countries outside Kuwait – so no delivery in Kuwait???? :-/

All in all, I am so proud of the team behind Deer & Dear… and if they get the chance to read this post, I hope they read it with an open mind for that I mean well – promise!

Other than that… I wish them all the best in Kuwait and globally 😉

Guess What’s In The Bag?