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Safa AlHashem & The Amiri Grant

Ms. Safa AlHashem, of Consulting Advantage, introduced a new way motivating the youth to be creative and productive with ideas that deals with community’s development!

She announced (via her facebook and twitter pages) that she is giving away her Amiri Grant for any young man/woman who offers the best creative idea! She will also work on funding the implementation of the winning idea. The last day to receive an idea is February 25th 2011.

How cool is that? 😉

ابتكرت سيدة الاعمال صفاء الهاشم وسيلة جديدة لتحفيز الشباب على الابداع وتقديم الافكار المميزة في تنمية المجتمع، فأعلنت عبر صفحتها في موقعي فيسبوك وتويتر عن تبرعها بالمنحة الاميرية السامية البالغة الف دينار كويتي لاي شاب او فتاة يقدم افضل فكرة خلاقة في تنمية المجتمع، فضلا عن تبني تمويل وتنفيذ الفكرة من الألف الى الياء.
وحظيت صفحتا الهاشم بإقبال شديد من المتابعين خلال ايام قليلة من انشائها، حيث بادر المئات الى المساهمة في تقديم الافكار والاقتراحات البناءة في مختلف مجالات تنمية المجتمع. وحددت الهاشم موعد الاحتفال بالاعياد الوطنية للبلاد كآخر موعد لاستقبال الافكار الجديدة


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Wings of Love – By Dana Al Nafisi

“Valentines day is a fortnight away, DANA NAFISI is offering you uniquely crafted jewelry inspired by Wings of Love. For your loved ones…. Express your emotions this valentines day, with  wings of love range”
Note: Last day of orders for valentines day is February 6, 2011 – Hurry up and place your order now 😉
Contact information:
+965 9745 7707
Facebook Group (link)

Stay Tuned…… An interview with the designer is coming soon on my blog 😉

Food Maestros

You are all invited to attend the Food Maestros Event tomorrow, February 1st 2011, which will run for three days from 10:00AM to 10:00PM – in Arraya outdoor plaza  (between the shopping center and the parking) and indoors (next to Caribou Cafe)

There will be contestants competing in “Can You Cook?”

Do not miss it 😉

For more info, click here!

Mark Vs. Lawsuit

“Any publicity is a good publicity”!

That was the case with so many restaurants in K-Town. No?

Napket was reviewed by so many bloggers, many wrote negative reviews… how did Napket team handle it? With total grace. The original idea of Napket serving food in plastic-ware was not accepted by many – although it is their style for those who know Napket. I for example went to Napket because many told me they did not like it and I ended up LOVING IT! (link) – Not only that… I got hooked and addicted to that place… its one of the most popular restaurants now at The Avenues

Burger King is another example… I once posted a very negative review about them (link) – their reaction? The Operation Manager at the time contacted me and asked me “NOT to remove my post” and instead he offered to take me to any Burger King of my choice to go see the kitchen of it. They took it as a constructive criticism, in which I had to write an updated post about it (link)

I am sure many bloggers encountered this at one point in time! Many experienced an incident (if not more) about reviews they posted…

It just saddens me that a restaurant had to file a lawsuit against Mark for writing a review about their restaurant (link) stating his “own” and “personal” opinion. I read it at the time, and read it again (twice) today to find out what really triggered them in the first place… it wasn’t THAT bad to be quite honest!!!

They should have just let it go right then and there… or even better? Contact him to know what the problem is/was? Try to fix it and maybe make it up to him.

I think we dont have the same tastebuds no matter how influential we are! I personally go to restaurants because I want to go… even if I read bad reviews about’em! That would never stop me from experiencing…. As a matter of fact, I get tempted to go because of this.

What do you think?

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Egyptian Protests

My friend Zoona just got back last night from Cairo safely. She sent me few pictures she snapped on her way to the airport…

Thats one police station being robbed :-S

The airport was a chaos but thank God they got home 🙂

Praying for Egypt… may God be with them and end this soon!

Thanks Noor F.Q. for the flag 😉

123 Esaaf

123 esaaf is the first Arabic medical encyclopedia on the Internet.

I browsed through it a bit, and its interesting… it contains lots of info with regards to general info, diagnosis, pregnancy, first aid, Q&A, Body Atlas and much more.

My only concern is how credible this website is? Any input?


Thanks Fulla 😉

Egypt Revolution – Jan 25th


Hoping its not a domino effect 😦 ! May God save us all

Recommended – Napket Salad Trio

I was having a quick bite with my friend Shayma at Napket the other day. She ordered a salad trio!

Its a cool option… to have three mini salads of your choice when you cant really decide which salad to get 😉

Just like Chocolate & Macaroons three pastas’ dish I posted about last year (link) 😉

Its always good to have such option… No? 😉

Napket is located in the Avenues Phase II and their tel # is 22597755


As I was walking to my car in one of the shopping center’s parking lot I saw this trash on the floor….

What the hell were those people thinking? Emptying their trash on the floor like this… I wanna know what goes in their tiny minds when they do such things! 😦