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Whadya Think!?

Thanks Ananyah 😉


My friend Mohammed snapped some photos of Juliaa post celebration and its just SAD 😦

Not to mention, I was in the Amiri ER a couple of nights ago and saw all kinds of injuries due to the craziness that comes along with the celebration. People were covered in foam with swollen eyes, blood, and different injuries :-S

WHY!! WHY!!!

On another note… the two medications prescribed for me were not available… MoH is out of medicine!! I got them from our local coop pharmacy!

Hawaii Awaits Tsunami

HONOLULU — The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center early on Saturday morning placed Hawaii and most of the Pacific Region under a tsunami warning after a destructive earthquake measuring 8.8 struck the central coast of Chile.

Civil Defense set off the sirens at 6 a.m. for people to evacuate coastal areas.

A flood of cars could be seen heading up the mountain to Makakilo.

Authorities began closing Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki as teams evacuated visitors and workers from the hotel areas.


Kuwait Flag Theme Dinner

I woke up yesterday and though of this idea… I want to make simple dishes for dinner, ones that you look at and know what they’re made of, all in one theme… Kuwaiti Flag 😉

So I went to Sultan Center with my sister to get the following: Continue reading

Chili Burger

Johnny Rockets introduced new items, and one of which is “Chili Burger” that my friend had a couple of days ago! She says its GOOD!!!!


Passed by WOW earlier this morning….

I loved their signs of Continue reading

Nice Tease ;-)

I saw a couple of madeleines in Starbucks’ display with a sign that reads “Sorry. Madeleines (2 pcs) is temporarily sold out, back with stock tomorrow”

Such a nice tease… anyone tried their Madeleines? Are they any good?