Kuwait Flag Theme Dinner

I woke up yesterday and though of this idea… I want to make simple dishes for dinner, ones that you look at and know what they’re made of, all in one theme… Kuwaiti Flag 😉

So I went to Sultan Center with my sister to get the following:

1. Fresh Fruit (black berries, blue berries, strawberries, kiwi, guava)

2. Fresh veggies (tomatoes; both large and cherry, fresh thyme)

3. Lettuce

4. White onions

5. Sliced black olives

6. Labneh

7. Burgers

8. Spreads (black olives, red and green pesto)

And at home for dinner, we made the following dishes 😉

Labneh, fresh thyme, cherry tomatoes, and sliced black olives

Burgers assembled with lettuce, tomatoes, and white onions… making up another Kuwaiti flag dish 😉

My sister made pasta dish with three sauces; red, white, and green 😉

Everybody loved that theme 🙂 It was a nice way to celebrate with food 😉

Oh and that picture above is of a baguette bread sliced and accompanied with three spreads; black olives + red & green pesto

For dessert we had gers ogaily (Kuwaiti cake) -perfect with tea and milk- along with WOW’s Black Diamond cake for my friend’s belated birthday

And of course Kuwaiti flag fruit salad! I did not forget about dessert 😉

Not to mention… the yummy chocolates I got from WOW too!

Any ideas/suggestions on more Kuwaiti flag dishes? I wanted to have black nachos along with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole… but I could not find black nachos in Sultan! So that an idea… if you find one 😉

74 responses to “Kuwait Flag Theme Dinner

  1. was wonderful ;*** ya36eech el 3afia 😉

  2. A7la dinner from a7la girl ;*****

  3. Great Ansam very thoughtful and tell Amoona happy birthday Aroosa

  4. very creative .. and impressing 🙂

    3laikom bil 3afya

  5. woow nice job teslam eedkom 😉

  6. This is a great idea ! ur very very creative!i still want to invite u to our Tourism Institute in Q8 to our student ur skills and cute ideas !

  7. Me Love ;D

  8. haha very creative and looks appetizing too!

  9. 3asaha dom inchalah nice & great idea 4 flag bravo
    i well send more flag tmrw ok only time pls

  10. lovely & creative 🙂 bl 3afyaa

    where did u get the red flags?

  11. from the sushi
    & by the pizza (asparagus, tomato or capsicum red, artichoke bottom, black kalamata olives)
    & by the seeds (pumpkin seed, red lentil green mongo, rice)
    ……….any help i am ready

  12. it was all Kuwait FLAG YUM YUM DAY

  13. mashallah that’s really creative Ansaam
    3lekom bil.3afya!

  14. Great inovative idea Somsom! love the theme 😉

  15. That was really sweet! :))))

    Really really sweet…………….actually it is so sweet it needs to get more exposure.. where’s Bazaar 3ankom?

  16. great idea & successful execution!!! now everyone’s gonna copy u 😉

  17. very creative! Mashallah 3alaich Ansam:)

  18. more more more pls!

  19. That’s so cool 😀 I think u’ve covered all the dishes anyone can think of. Well done! I’m pretty sure they were yummy

  20. Allah ya36eech il3aafya…
    oo bil3aafya 3alaikom!

    It looks s much FUN 😀

  21. Creative
    Teslam el 2ayady

  22. wow
    i loved it

  23. Clap, clap

  24. 3izmeena shda3wa 🙂
    Bl3afya, looks excellent

  25. Tourism Institute is one of the PAEET Acadeymic Institution (Public Authority for Applied Education and Training) We teach Tourism,Hospitality,and travel.In hospitality we have cooking class in thaeory and practical.we would like to invite to inspire and to show our student(girls) ur skills and talents!By the way,u could make an idea of the old kuwaiti flge !

  26. yummyyy!!!

  27. wooow mashalah 3aleeeech eshaweg 7adda 😉 bl3afeya

  28. Asliyaaaaaaaaaaa… I love the theame.. u should do the 4th of July American dinner.. oooh that might be a bit tough with all the stars!

  29. Ladiesssss outstanding as always !!! very creative allah ya36ekom 1000 3afya wish i was here :***

  30. amazing : )

  31. thats one hell of an idea ..love it!! 🙂

  32. Ansam, you did a wonderful job and I really loved your concept! Very creative!!!!:)

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  36. AwWWW SHoo SHWeeEEETT ❤ <#

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