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Visitors to Kuwait are contributing to my “No-No!” Posts now! Oh joy!

Thanks Dudi 😉


As I was walking to my car in a parking lot I saw this…

Seems like that person bought a fancy perfume from Tanagra, opened it up… sprayed some expensive perfume all over him/herself… and did a cheap trashy act of leaving the bag behind like this! I moved it myself!

All I was thinking is that this person now might be wearing an expensive perfume, but they still reek!!

Oh and it reminded me of @AbdullahBoftain Tweet yesterday:

من الكويتيين كثير ممن ينتقد البلدية وبالمقابل لا يتردد بالقاء الأوساخ في الشوارع وفي الصحراء والبحر – د. أحمد الربعي


To leaving space between cars… this car behind me left a space that can fit three cars just to flirt with girls in the car next to them!

Its not that clear in the picture… but its just ridiculous!!


No No to cars parking on the side LIKE THAT blocking roads just to go smoke shisha!!! Idiots!!!!

Seriously + No-No!

Can you guess where was this picture taken?

Believe it or not, this picture was taken by my friend at the back of Continue reading


FAH sent me a couple of pictures of a parking lot in Kuwait City earlier this morning…

This parking gets FULL in no time…it is one of the busiest in Kuwait City!

Regardless of how busy this parking is… this is a NO-NO!

The driver of this car needs to practice parking more – and maybe manners too!

No-No… The Video :-P

3baid sent me this video which reminded him of my “No-No” posts


Thanks 3baid 😉

Beyond No-No!


Thugs/looters ruining mummies of the Egyptian Museum during the protests Saturday 😦

This is one of the greatest and best Pharaonic treasures of all times :’-(

Mummies, statues, display cases…. WHY WHY!!

Some even were emptied!


As I was walking to my car in one of the shopping center’s parking lot I saw this trash on the floor….

What the hell were those people thinking? Emptying their trash on the floor like this… I wanna know what goes in their tiny minds when they do such things! 😦


I was at Sultan Center yesterday looking for parking spot… when I saw this…

I waited for the guy to move.. I thought he wanted to unload his cart but he looked at me and waved “NO” and then looked away and started talking on his mobile.. I rolled down my window and asked him if he was going to move away and he said “No, I am saving this spot for someone”