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World’s 50 Safest Banks 2010

Just read this post on Frankom‘s and thought of sharing it with you all 😉

With bank stability still high on corporate and investor agendas, Global Finance publishes its 19th annual list of the world’s safest banks…. and NBK has made it again to the World’s 50 Safest Banks for 2010!

To read the full article, click here!

Open a Banana… LIKE A MONKEY!



I am happy to announce that ALSARIYAH launched their website 😉

You can also check out this video – taken from their twitter account 😉

Official Website (link)

Twitter (link)

Facebook (link)

For more info, click here and here!

Ramadan 2010 TV Series

So I have boycotted Kuwaiti (and GCC) TV Series for years… why? They dont make sense… and to me are a total waste of time! Acting is not sincere (specially with actresses waking up with tons of makeup on – Kandee Johnson! Where are you when we need you!!), not to mention scripts/story-lines and all!!

However, I wanted to watch AlHaddama last year… but I didnt get the chance to. But this year I waited five days before giving any show a try and the two most talked about shows -specially on twitter- were Zwarat Khamees & Saher Ellayl!

I gave both shows a go and could not digest Zwarat Khamees! It was TOO MUCH for my taste!


The story talks about one BIG family (extended) living in a huge house… I am talking from grandparents to grand children, which brings me to the question… Zwarat Khamees (which translates to Thursday Family Get-together)???? I mean if they are all living in the same house why have a weekly get together when they are having their meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) all week… and they all go to chalet on weekends. They are SO RICH that they give away a Cartier Love Bracelet as a gift with treats thrown on everyone… and when a brother in law gives a way a luxury car to his sister in law just because she was down… it was just too much for me… plus, sometimes with the story line they go and talk about general problems in Kuwait as if they are listing problems within… not so natural if you know what I mean :-S

As for Saher Ellayl…. I LOVED IT! The story isnt THAT big but the acting is fabulous! The cast fit into their characters really well (Haya AbdulSalam is AWESOME “Facebook Page“).

The story is about Kuwait in the late 1960s – early 1970s… during the time of innocence and were life was way simpler! I love it


I miss on “Awzah Atgawiz” and “Zuhra wa Azwag-ha Alkhamsa” but saw few episodes here and there, I just dont have time for all those shows but will definitely try and watch’em after Ramadan!

Whats your input on Ramadan 2010 Series?

May Nujood Boodai Rest In Peace!

Nujood Boodai… May you rest in peace

اللهم ارحم نجود بودي و اغفر لها يا ارحم الراحمين

Let’s Get Ready For Eid with Eden ;-)

Eden would like you to enjoy your Pre-Eid Preparations without stressing out about it!

A one stop shop for you to enjoy rather than salon hobbing!

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Thanks Sarah 😉


As stated in, Girgian is a traditional occasion that is celebrated in Kuwait and other Gulf countries on the 14th and 15th day of the month of Ramadan, where children will go from house to house knocking on doors asking for sweets.

I on the other had, a grown up, who did not have to go knocking on doors for treats, yet got a considerable amount of Gergaian this year 😉

To begin with, this year we had different Continue reading