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MJ Dress on Bond St

My friend, Yousef, snapped this while walking on Bond St. and I asked him to let me post it on my blog!

MJ Dress on Bond St

Now thats an interesting dress! I would want to try it on… and maybe buy it, but where do I wear it to?

Thanks Yousef 😉


To littering the movie theater like that just because you know someone else will clean up after you!

littering movie theaters

Picture taken from 360Dewan! Thanks 😉

Is This For Real?

My sis received that by BBM… It looks SO FAKE! Doesn’t it?

Thanks Fulla 😉

Arianna Dancing to Beyonce’s – “Single Ladies”

I know its an old video, but its just too cute not to share!


Thanks Shayma 😉

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I finally got to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in the IMAX theater of 360Mall in 3D, and NO!! Its NOT a kidflick! I must say awesome movie! I enjoyed it SO SO MUCH… It was funny. Crazy/silly funny with considerable amounts of laugh out loud moments! I give it two thumbs up!

Dont get me started on the burgers… when it started raining burgers! Oh and the ice cream part, I so wanted to be there!! If you havent seen it yet, give it a go 😉 Its worth it. Just dont go when you’re hungry! hahaha


I also went to Zahr Al Laymoun Restaurant and Um Kalthoum Exhibition (Which I am planning to post about later)!

It was a fun day with family and friends – a very much needed break out of the routine kinda day 😉

Munch, An Easier Hosting For You!

I was checking Kuwait & Food group on facebook when I came across those pictures!

MUNCH Finger Food

MUNCH Plexi Trays

The caption reads:

“Mixed finger food on our new plexi trays that if removed can be divided in to 5 separate mini trays. It’s really fun for serving or if you have ppl over and you want to put a little bit of nibbles around everyone!

Munch is located in Dar AlAwadi on Ahmed AlJaber St in Sharg, Kuwait City

Their telephone numbers are: 2232-2747  & 2232-2757

You can checkout Munch’s facebook group by clicking here!

Or visit the Munch blog for continuous updates 😉

Lip Balms

I just realized I have 3 lip balms in my makeup bag!

Lip Balms

1. SEPHORA Smily lips!
2. Fruits & Passion Shea lip butter
3. Kiehl’s lip balm #1

I cant decide which one I like best! But I am leaning towards #3! Whats your favorite brand for lip balms?