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P&T With Noon

Noon is one my favorite breakfast buddies… an early bird, who do not mind waking up really early to have breakfast out as early as 6:30AM sometimes… before going to work! Just like me 😉

We decided to drop by Prime & Toast for breakfast a couple of days ago… a place we both LOVE so much 😉

Anyways… we both wanted to try something new! Noon opted for a turkey and cheese omelette with apple juice

She is a BIG Ricotta Pancake lover at P&T (link) but I guess she was in the mood for a change! She loved her egg so much! She said it was so good and that it exceeded her expectations 😉

My order? Mulberry Eggs, sunny side ups of course… I only asked them to make two eggs instead of three… but when my dish arrived I was like hmmm! I am not sure if I had this one before – so much for trying something new –

Loved it as usual! Loved everything about it actually! The eggs were made nicely (ideally I like crunchier edges)! The egg yolks were liquid-y just the way I like’em… cherry tomatoes with thyme added a yummy (and aromatic) touch to the dish! Hmmm it was one yummy breakfast… IF it wasn’t for my coffee! I dont know what is it with me and black coffee these days! No one seems to make’em right anymore! It  tasted burnt :S Sorry P&T but I hated it 😦 Thank God for Fiji Water 😛

It was one nice outing… Noon is just fun to be around with 🙂 She always have some interesting stories to tell and I enjoy her company ❤

Our bill came to a total of KD7-8 (forgot the exact amount)

Prime & Toast has two locations. We went to the one opposite AlSeef Palace. Their other branch is located in AlArgan in AlBeda’a.

Random Thought

“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you”

–Elbert Hubbard

Cooking Challenge

I dont know why I haven’t post about this yet! It happened towards the end of last summer…..

My friend Alfa+ tried this Pear Cake at Barista Cafe while he was in Dubai

He asked me to try it out next time I go to Dubai, specifically in Mall of Emirates! And so I did 😀 Here is the cake I ordered

Pretty good cake! I loved it… now why did he want me to try it? He wanted me (actually challenged me) to create my own version at Continue reading

Ansam II Icy Yogurt – The Launch

Yesterday we had a very closed and cozy event at Napket to launch my second Icy Yogurt! I invited my family, close friends, and my top fans!

We had half of the restaurant reserved for us in a very lounge-y setting with amazing music playing in the background! I tried my best to snap pics of everyone there with the help of my cousin! I was having so much flying like a butterfly between my family and friends talking with everyone while refreshments were going around till it was time to present Continue reading

Ansam II Yogurt – Now At Napket

I had an amazing evening with family, close friends, and Ansam Yogurt TOP FANS (link).

We had a special closed event at Napket – we had half of it for us and a couple of Napket’s management team. It was so much fun 😀

It will be available tomorrow at Napket – The flavor??? Well, can  you guess?? 😉


At Safa Al Hashem’s

I was invited to a dinner/gathering at Safa AlHashem’s house! I love this woman! She is full of energy and positive vibes (mashallah)!

I was too busy mingling and talking to everyone there. I met quite a few fabulous people there too! It was a fabulous crowd and a much needed gathering after a long hectic week!

I also ran into H.E. Deborah Jones! Super sweet and down to earth as well!

Honestly, when I first met Safa and Deborah at the Baking Tray and had a chit-chat with them telling me that they love my blog, I felt it was an added value to my already existing fabulous base of readers! When with them, my jaw hurts after I leave because I cannot stop smiling all the time (by the way, it hurts in a good way – in away that I wanna see them more and enjoy my jaw pain later lol)

I wish I took pictures 😦 I was busy chatting with everyone there, however the setting was fabulous with food stalls all over the place and munchies everywhere you turn! Oh I should have snapped some pictures 😦

Safa…. Thank you for an amazing dinner! I love you ❤

Breakfast at PQ

One of my favorite places to have breakfast at is PQ – Le Pain Quotidien 😉

I love their food… their organic food! I just miss the spreads they used to offer 😦 Not anymore….

Anyways… I went with Luluscious for brunch and while we were placing our order, the waiter goes “Too bad we will be closing soon” I gasped!! Turned out he was teasing us… they are closing down at The Avenues phase I and moving to phase II 😛 *whew*

Anyways… I always get their hot chocolate – its my favorite place to have hot chocolate 😉

I order it skimmed and enjoy it to the last drop! Knowing me, I favor paper cups for hot drinks, but not in PQ 😉 I love their huge bowl-like cups so much 😀

Our brunch consisted of three dishes… two open sandwiches (one is kashkawan cheese/mushroom, the other was turkey, cheese, and chicken) and egg Benedict

Lulu snapped this amazing pics for me… LOVE the natural light effect in it ❤

Their open sandwiches were fabulous… Luluscious approved 😉 The cheese is heated/melted just right, and the mushrooms were a great addition! Turkey and chicken one was good 🙂

As for the egg Benedict, perfect hollandaise and the egg was just perfect – I asked for it to be without spinach 😉 I just like it better that way!

There are three locations for PQ that I know of, The Palms, The Avenues, and Marina Crescent. Their tel numbers respectively are: 25633684, 24954631, and 22244942

Bubble T

Not too long ago my friend Yuni told me to try out Bubble T’s lychee iced tea. Now I have never been to Bubble T before but I was so anxious to try this iced tea…

To my luck, my other friend Shushu was invited to do hair nails in Galleria 2000 at around 11:30 last weekend. We decided to meet at Bubble T at 10:00am before her appointment

The mall was Continue reading

Patara – Fine Thai Cuisine

My sister told me to drop by Patara for AMAZING Thai food…. and guess what? Lucky me -ahem- My old friend Abdulrahman and his super sweet wife Razan invited us for dinner there last December 😉 It was an AMAZING night and a great company…

Now the pictures I am about to share dont do the restaurant justice! I forgot to snap pictures before the attack!

Initially, we were given out the menus… I, as usual when dining a la Thai, would go for green curry chicken. My dad wanted seafood… Abdul asked us if we trusted his taste? Knowing him all those years, I knew I could trust him with food and food choices… so we placed the menus on the table and we let the master do the job!

Now I dont know the dishes names but it went from lamb leg, to fish, and two kind of Continue reading

Baking Tray Christmas Goodies

I was at Baking Tray with Basma yesterday and snapped pictures of their Christmas goodies!

Christmas Log Cake – KD20

Gingerbread Cookies (KD0.900 – 1.250)

Anyone tried’em?