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Society Girlz – TOMORROW!

So its almost time for Dr. Shurooq Amin’s exhibition at Tilal, Society Girls 😉

and I have two more teasers for you from the exhibition 😉

The opening will be tomorrow at 7:00PM in Gallery Tilal

But the exhibition will run from November 2nd -11th 10:00am to 2:00pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm in Gallery Tilal -check map above (during which, it will be closed on Friday and by appointment on Saturday)

I hope to see you there guys 😉

Snap, Send, & Win with NBK

Well.. I am sure many of you already seen this! Do you like it? What’s not to like 😉 Anyways… apparently its a teaser for the new NBK Photography Competition – 2010 on Facebook!

All you need is to snap (submit a pic), get the most “likes”, then win the prize of KD250 😉

For more, check out the NBK’s page on Facebook (link)

Robot – Very Real Looking One!

Just saw this video on 3ateeja’s blog!



Mutubtub Opening Ceremony

Mutubtub Opening Ceremony turned out to be a huge success! Thanks to all the efforts put together into turning it into life 😉

I actually came in early to take some pictures of the preparations and the first hour of activities, I had to leave early – otherwise I would have stayed the whole time!

It was so much fun for both; kids as well as adults… see, even Shamlan AlBahar was having Continue reading

Caribou Trivia – AGAIN!

Okay, I dont know why I get so excited about Caribou’s 100 fils discount trivia LOL! Its just 100 fils, but I love it when I answer those question and I also post the answer along with the location of Caribou branch on my twitter whenever I solve one for my followers to benefit from it too 😉 So do you know the answer to this one?

H&M on His&Hers

News everyone!

H&M are doing this quick competition on His&Hers Blog for the Lanvin press review 😉

Win the H&M competition and get an invitation to the EXCLUSIVE press brunch event on November 2nd 2010 to preview H&M’s most awaited LANVIN!

The question is:

Which location has the H&M introduced (added) an additional section for Young guys and girls?.

Hint :this is the same section which use to be in H&M opposite Carrefour in Avenues (it is an exact location)

Add your answer in the comment and I will reveal all comments tomorrow if we get the right answer. The first correct answer is going to be the winner of this prize.

Please answer it on their blog, not mine 😉 (link)

Preparing a SPOOKY Dinner Tonight!

Its my sister’s birthday today… so I have taken few pictures earlier today, and I am sharing’em with you now (scheduled post) so that I wont ruin the surprise 😉 By the time you are viewing those pics, we will be having our spooky dinner – which I will also post about later, so enjoy 😉

Oh and here is my Greeting Card for you all (click here)!

Check out my “Bloody French Manicure” done by Nail It 😉

Trick or Treat?

Halloween in Kuwait City!!

Come to Momma!!!!

Hungry anyone? Finger food is here 😛

Oh 13 pictures…. THIRTEEN! Spooky!!!

Mutubtub Opening – The Preparations!

I dropped by earlier today for the pre-opening of Mutubtub! I snapped some pictures here and there to give you an idea of the Continue reading

52 Degrees Pays Tribute to Nujood Boodai

Below are two videos covering 52 Degrees opening on Taw Ellayl and the other is a special tribute to the late Nujood Boodai, may her soul rest in peace – as she will be always remembered in our hearts



MAC Venomous Villains Makeup

After reading about MAC’s Venomous Villains Line at Confashions Blog and twitter I went ahead and got me some 😉

As you can see here, my favorite villain makeup line is Cruella de Vil!

I got a Cruella de Vil lipstick in Heartless, Lipglass in Wicked Ways, and powder blush in Darkly My Dear. I also got Evil Queen’s lipglass in Hot House

I was in a hurry, so I couldnt shop more – I remember seeing nail polishes online, but I didnt ask (again, because I was in a hurry). Oh and they had some interesting eye shadows too that I plan to go check soon before they run out of them.. Yeah, there were quite a few people at MAC checking the Venomous Villains line while I was there!

Price tag?

Lipstick: KD7.250

Lipglass: KD6.250

Powder Blush: KD8.000