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Democracy According to Al Gaddafi


Thanks Abdul A. 😉

Ben Ali to Add Mubarak on Facebook!


AlJarida Newspaper -today’s issue- showed a Lebanese lady holding a sign asking Ben Ali *on Facebook* to add Mubarak as a friend….


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Stephen Colbert defends “our friend Hosni” Mubarak

Funny video from The Colbert Report 😛


Beyond No-No!


Thugs/looters ruining mummies of the Egyptian Museum during the protests Saturday 😦

This is one of the greatest and best Pharaonic treasures of all times :’-(

Mummies, statues, display cases…. WHY WHY!!

Some even were emptied!


Whadya think?


Egyptian Protests

My friend Zoona just got back last night from Cairo safely. She sent me few pictures she snapped on her way to the airport…

Thats one police station being robbed :-S

The airport was a chaos but thank God they got home 🙂

Praying for Egypt… may God be with them and end this soon!

Thanks Noor F.Q. for the flag 😉

Egypt Revolution – Jan 25th


Hoping its not a domino effect 😦 ! May God save us all

Now About Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel….

Three episodes of Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel were aired few days back about their trip to Morocco

Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Those episodes caused a stir which led to AlWatan Newspaper publishing an official apology on their paper (link)

Now my question is… was this apology necessary? I am not saying what they did was right or wrong… but the whole concept of this show is showing problems in the comical style… they even do it about Kuwait itself! I mean look at each family and each character… do you think they represent Kuwait correctly? Its all jokes…. good or bad, thats what the show is really about!

This year the show -overall- went a bit too far with mockery about everything! Not just Morocco! Do you know what I mean?

Lets not forget that its funny too and makes us laugh – instead of watching the very sad and dramatic TV series on TV (but I love Saher Ellayl this year)!

And believe me… I know if another country mocked Kuwait in the same manner… Kuwaitis will cause a stir also, so save it.. I am not taking sides here, nor saying the apology was (or was not) necessary… however, I’m leaning more towards that it was nice of AlWatan to apologize and take action/responsibility for whatever they caused!

But I wanna hear it from you 😉

Afghan Woman with Chopped Off Nose & Ears!

I saw this video on Barmait and thought of sharing it with you… though viewer discretion is advised! Do not watch if you have a soft stomach 😦


This isnt Islam!!!!!

Google Translate – Racist?

I received an email claiming that Google Translate is “Racist” and that if you try to translate the three following Arabic sentence to English

العربي لا يحب السلام (The Arab does not like peace)
الاسرائيلي لا يحب السلام (The Israeli does not like peace)
الصهيوني لا يحب السلام (The Zionist does not like peace)

You will get the following translation in English

Arab does not like the peace

Israel is a peace-loving

The Zionist peace-loving

And just to make sure… I tried it myself:

Lets hope Google fix this soon!!!

Thanks Mimmi 😉