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“Limited” – “The First” – “The Only”

Whats up with those catch phrases! Why do people take them so seriously! I keep reading things like..

“The First Giant Cupcake in Kuwait” well sorry you guys, Sugar & Spice were doing that since forever!

“The only place in Kuwait that sells……” How come you are SO SURE? I have seen this item before in store “X”!!

“Limited Edition” makes people hurry to get their hands on those limited editions items! I mean I never got something just because its limited edition.. as a matter of fact, I have bought the Fendi Moncler Spy Bag few years back because I loved the feel and look of it

Fendi Moncler Spy

and then one of my friends tells me that its a limited edition and not available in Kuwait! SO WHAT! I bought it cuz of the color and the feel of it! I loved it… it was love at first sight hahaha

Now here is the reason why I’m writing this post! I was invited to join a group on facebook for an upcoming event for a flea market! I joined in and read in the poster something like

“The First Flea Market in Kuwait” I mean COME ON!!! Why write the first in Kuwait??? Whatever happened to Friday Flea Market? And then I mention our FIVE60 Flea Market last year!

FIVE60 Flea Market

Even someCONTRAST,Β Mark, rwatan, and Kuwait Paper Dump posted about it last year! I also posted about it so many times on my blog!

I just mention that to them on the group but then I go on to their group album and write them good luck wishes and commenting positively on the posters… just to show them that I support them and mean well.

And guess what happens next? My comments/link regarding FIVE60’s flea market get deleted!! They send me a private message saying “At least support us”…. Well… I did! I wished them all the best and said I loved their poster! Why do people only see the negative? The bad? Assume the worse! WHY!!

Oh well…

Ad – KDD Apple Juice

What do you think of this Ad?

KDD Apple Juice

It reads:

The fruit…

the whole fruit…

and nothing but the fruit!

Home Remedies!

Natural Home Remedies sit gives you treatments using household items and techniques! Most recipes on that site have been tested by people who provided them. In most cases they are safe to use πŸ™‚ Check it out! I am in love with it.

An example of something I tried as a home remedy for flu/coughing was onions! Β And I have found the recipe for that home remedy on YouTube!


On the site I gave, if you click on cough, you will be given a list of suggestions to try out! On of those suggest using onion as a cure for cough!!! The site suggest that you chop onions finely and extracting their juices, then you mix one teaspoon of onion juice with one teaspoon of honey and let it sit for five hours. It will then form some sort of a cough syrup!

Thanks Anand πŸ˜‰

Suri’s Grown an “Inch”?

What do you think? Does Kate’s sense of fashion make no sense when it comes to this? Would you let your little girl wear heels?

Suri Cruise High Heels

Suri High heels

Suri in High Heels

Suri in High Heels


A couple of years back I posted about signs and how the AL doesnt really need to be added in every single name of the areas around K town! Here is an old pictures I have taken at the time with Sharg area spelled as Al Sharq!!


Few days back I saw another sign spelling Burgan with AL!

Burgan Street

Burgan was never spelled or pronounced with AL in Arabic! Its always been Burgan! Not AlBurgan oil field, not AlBurgan Bank… Just BURGAN πŸ˜‰


To this kind of art and use of bad language in public!!


Pinkberry Vs. Icy Yogurt

What do you think?

Pinkberry frozen yogurt, which is shown in the picture below with their healthy natural flavor in medium size + four kinds of fresh yummy berries all for KD2.650

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

Or Napket’s “oh-so-good” Icy Yogurt, which is shown in the picture below in their one size cup (more than Pinkberry’s medium size) + strawberries in one side for KD1.500

Napket Icy Yogurt 01

Laki… Has Its Advantages


Did you know that by holding a Laki ATM or Titanium MasterCard you are eligible for a host of exciting benefits at your fingertips?

Laki partners with VaVaVoom and Debenhams!

If you shop at VaVaVoom and spend KD30 or more using your Laki Titanium MasterCard, you will be eligible for a free beauty treat at Glam Station… and if you shop at Debenhams and spend KD30 or more using your Laki Titanium MasterCard, you will be eligible for a free makeover.

PLUS… If you refer a friend you will receive a complimentary “Laki” perfume designed for you!

Did you know?

The Laki Titanium MasterCard provides useful concierge services at nominal fees!

Laki CS

Simply call 2231-7788 for these services πŸ˜‰

Laki, because you are a woman above everything else!

Bears Asking For Food in a Zoo


Thanks Younis πŸ˜‰

Julie & Julia

My cousin was chatting with me online about my Ansam’s Kitchen interview and told me about this movie!


I so wanna see that movie!Β And yes!!! I was interviewed and if you did not get the chance to check it out, click here!

Ansam's Kitchen

Thanks Muna πŸ˜‰