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Wataniya… New Event?

 I read on MoodyPanties yesterday that Wataniya will have a new event soon for their Facebook fans!!

Earlier this month I was invited for a day with Ne-Yo organized by Wataniya Telecom (link)… I also gave my pass for the LIVE concert for my little friend Fay (link)


This time it is Continue reading

More From Coco With Love

I have more on Coco With Love for you today 😉

They’re pleased to share with my readers their final teaser before the official invitation 😉 Ready?

The Countdown Begins…

For more


Facebook Page (link)

Facebook Group (link)

Twitter: @FromCocoLove


And I will update you all about it real soon 😉

This Week…

Stay tuned 😉

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more 😉

Teasers on Twitter

I have decided to post teaser pictures on my twitter account before my posts are posted on my blog 😉

You can follow me on twitter (link)

Or check them every now and then on my twitpic (link)

More on 52 Degrees’ Blue District



So whats kickin’? 😉

Seafood BBQ Day at Home

I am back with one of my random food posts from home 😉 We had a seafood BBQ feast last Friday…

The menu was a selection of Continue reading

Blue District


New at Genki

I was at Arraya Center yesterday when I saw Atif, the manager of Genki Sushi, with a big smile on his face! I could not help but go to say hello – GLAD I did 😉

He was like “You crossed my mind yesterday and I was wondering that its been a while since your last visit! Where have you been? I have something for you, do you have a minute?”

So I sat down waiting for my surprise 😉

Few minutes later… here comes one of the new items on their menu, the Continue reading