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Ansam – Bazaar Magazine

Check out my interview on Bazaar Online Magazine (hard copies will be available tomorrow) – LINK!

To read the Truth or Dare Questions – Click Here!

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Lost in Translation?

Can someone please explain to me why it is spelled AlNabikha and not AlNabigha?

Reminded me of Ferya’s post earlier this year!

Who’s in charge of those signs anyways???

Blogs I Like

Or should I say Vlog 😉

Why do I like it? Its different and its fun to watch! She vlogs (post videos) short clips edited in the most funky ways ever… you wont get bored, and you see yourself jumping from one video to another. I am telling you this lady her got charisma and she is full of smiles… I got to meet her for the very first time during the VIVA Social Networking Event… and I was happy to know that she knows my blog She was like “five eight? five one eight?? is it? The one with so many food posts” Yep! That’s me… Guilty 😛 She’s a natural and a sweetheart!

Check out Nouf TV (link)

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Zain Unlimited at Marina Mall

Zain is having another eeZee Unlimited contest this weekend in Marina Mall.

Come, Play And win BlabckBerris and Ipad 2s for free. Just take a number and wait to win 😉

For more follow them on Twitter @ZainKuwait

The Royal Wedding Frenzy

The amazing Luluscious sent me a glimpse of The Royal Wedding frenzy in London and how some retailers are targeting tourists and serious collectors to get their hands on valuable memoir, which she admitted to fall in herself 😛

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Gelato Italiano Bonbons

For your Friday family or friends gathering, pick up your box of Gelato Bonbons filled with three exotic flavors in RoseJasmine and White Pistachio all covered in white chocolate.
Each box contains 30 pieces for KD9.
The Gelato Bonbons will be available on Friday only.
Opening hours is from 9am and closed during Prayers and reopen after prayers.
The quantity will be limited so hurry and pick up your box!Tel:22434434
Join our Page on Facebook (link)
I have been enjoying those bonbons since they were first introduced to me during one of FIVE60‘s events! We love them at home so much… we had them served in my sister’s wedding too (link)!
I am ordering a box for tomorrow’s gathering 😉

New 518 Sponsor – QualityNet

Again, I am happy to announce a new sponsor here…. QualityNet 🙂


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