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How is it humanly possible to get in your car when some idiot park THIS CLOSE to you!!!

You go to the passenger side and jump over to the driver’s seat of course! Hmph!

Magnolia’s Cupcakes – All For Me… None For You :-P

My very kind, thoughtful, amazing, fabulous, wonderful, and did I say fabulous… friend Dana got us a whole box of Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes!

I got those last night and indulged.. yes I DID because I started dieting today! So yeah… sue me 😛

So yeah 😉 All for me… and none for you 😛

In Town Cafe

With my sushi burger fever, I heard In Town Cafe – a new cafe opened in Kuwait City- is offering two kinds, beef burger sushi and chicken burger sushi. So I headed there after work.

The cafe is located in Al Saqran Mall in Al Mubarakiya area, right next to Gulf Bank. As I entered the cafe, the owner was there and he was very nice and very friendly! I was in for the beef sushi burger but he insisted that I try other dishes! I browsed their menu while he suggested some dishes, I was like sure… I will trust your judgment. He ordered In Town Roll, fried shrimp, fresh mango, and mango sauce.

The shrimp-mango combo was interestingly fine! I guess for shrimp, it takes a mango to tango 😉 If you know what I mean

And about that sushi burger….

Soy sheet hugging two lightly toasted rice patties, inside of which is a juicy beef burger, onions, lettuce, mushroom… and a special sauce! Totally awesome! It reminded me so much of some of the burgers served in Singapore! Very creative and the soy sheet added a nice touch to the experience, though this plate is good to share since there are two in one order… I shared it with the owner. I love the fact that we are having a variety of sushi burgers in Kuwait… each with its unique taste and presentation!

Then he asked me if I cared for anything to drink.. I was gonna ask for green tea or water, but he suggested I try their rocca juice (made of rocket leaves)!! And being the adventurous person that I am… I did not mind it at all 😉

First impression? WOW! I loved it… its different!! I mean you can really taste the leaves… you feel’em strongly in the juice, yet it got that milkshake texture to it and it feels very light 😀

Shortly after the owner’s brother came in and ordered some nigiri sushi; tuna and salmon… and yes of course, I snapped a picture for you 😉

I had a great time and wonderful company! Very promising cafe in town! Besides sushi, they offer a wide range os salads, eggs, soups, appetizers, platters, sandwiches, pastas, noodles… you name it 😉 They wanna cater to all tastes in town!

Keep in mind that the cafe is very tiny and can cater up to four persons at a time… soon they will have a seating area outside when the weather permits, but they do offer delivery 😉  You can order by calling 22497971

You can find their full menu on their Facebook Group (link) along with the menu and more pictures 😉

Menu on Q8PaperDump (link)

Thank you Abdulla for lunch 🙂 It was really nice meeting you and your brother and I wish you all the best 😀

Twilight Saga – Eclipse Competition by Crumbs

Crumbs has recently launched a competition for the new Eclipse movie arriving in Kuwait theaters on 8th July 2010. Those wishing to enter need to go to and answer some simple trivia on the Twilight Saga. There will be 10 winners to be announced on the 5th of July. Each winner receives 3 VIP tickets to attend the showing of Eclipse on its release date in the 360 Mall VIP cinema with Crumbs.

What are you waiting for?

The Proteges – The Studio

In continuation to their previous music lecture,The Proteges spent last night recording a song in Romco Studios in Hawalli.

They were having so much fun, and so did I! This time I got to talk with them about many things and they were all so nice. Very interesting group and awesome mentors. The song they recorded was about Kuwait. I will be posting more pictures once I get them in a future post! So, until then 😉

Ansam518 – AlRai Newspaper (P2BK)

I was featured on page 36 of AlRai Newspaper -Page 36- yesterday in P2BK Section 😉


Thanks Her 😉

Oishii Sushi Burger Cravings!

Ever since I read someCONTRAST’s post about Oishii‘s Sushi Burger I have been craving it like crazy! I have been dreaming about it day and night… and yes! I’ve had it before (link)…. so yeah, I called them up and asked them to prepare me two orders (5 pieces each) for pick up! I got in and I started snapping away….

By the time I got there, they were preparing the burger patties and rice buns…

The sweet potato chips <3!

My oh my! I love this creation… the ingredients compliment each other really well 😉

I was eating while they were preparing… the chips first, and then the burgers… so instead of delivering 10 pieces home, I went back with only… ahem… seven 😛

Price tag? KD3 per order!

Oishii Sushi is located in AlShaab, Ibn Alkhateeb St. Their tel # is 22644440


Wonderful Day @ Baking Tray

Earlier yesterday, a friend of mine wanted to meet me for lunch break at Arraya Center, but it was just a hassle for me to drive, look for a parking, and plus the break time wont allow for all that… So I went to Baking Tray, ordered Chicken Semolina and went back to my office… half way through my sandwich, one of my coworkers called me to meet at Baking Tray… I told her I already have my food in front of me… shes like bring it along with you… and thats what I did, I wrapped up whats left  of the sandwich, and headed back to the Baking Tray… why am I telling you all this? I want you to get a feel of what led one thing to another in this eventful day!

I was sitting on a chair facing the door, I spotted Ms Safa AlHashim, a very well known Kuwaiti business woman in the private sector who is also very active, coming in. She is so friendly and her presence spread positive vibes, as she approached our table, I was smiling… cuz I recognized her, she smiled back and said hello. A couple of my coworkers asked who she was cuz her face is familiar, and I was like yes, from the newspaper 😉

Shortly after two black cars with diplomatic number plates parked outside, I look out the glass walls of Baking Tray and I see H.E. the US Ambassador in Kuwait Ms. Deborah Jones. Some of my coworkers didnt know who she was, but I knew… since I have seen here before… As a matter of fact, I do see her a lot and shes so friendly. I saw her at some store openings, mainly AlShaya’s, and I saw her once at the Early Bird, some weddings too… she always comes in with huge smile and she says hello to everyone… and she did this time too.. She was meeting Ms. Safa AlHashim for lunch 😉

She came in, she goes “Hi everyone” and I spontaneously say “Hi… whats up?” I have no idea why LOL… so she stops next to me and asks.. “What are you girls eating, what do you recommend?” So I go on and on about the food… I tell them about the dates and harda cookies, which is something that got their attention and then we move to their display of sandwiches and I go “I tried all of their sandwiches” And Ms. Safa goes “Are you Ansam518?” and with a huge smile, and I mean a very big fat HUGE smile, I say “YES!” 😀

I cannot tell you how happy I was about this recognition! She did not just say that… she went on and on about my blog! She tells me that they decided to have lunch at the Baking Tray because of my posts about this place (AND YES! THAT MAKES ME FEEL HONORED – honestly). She throws words of encouragements and I seriously wanted to hug them both from the excitement! She goes “I know  you are a frozen yogurt addict too?” I say “Yes I am, I got a yogurt named after me” She goes, “I know!” And H.E. asks “518 Yogurt?” I tell her “No Ansam Yogurt” but its enough that I am recognized by the digits 518! They told me they were going to try it soon! So yeah… the highlight of my day… if not my week , or even MONTH! So here is a picture of me with the ladies… awesome fabulous ladies 😉

So Ms. Safa AlHashim asked if I recognized her, and I go “Of course, I do.. you’re Safa AlHashim” 🙂 I wish I had more time to talk to her since she is someone I admire! Someone I would love to talk to and learn from.

Ahhhh what a wonderful day at the Baking Tray!

Frost – Now Online

Frost launched their official website (link)

You can order online from their website 😉

Check out their Facebook Group for special announcements, pictures, and more (link)

Zadig et Voltaire

Zadig et Voltaire, a French brand, opened in Kuwait last Thursday in the Avenues Mall.

Light summer tweed jacket, with destroyed frayed edges for the subtle Zadig Rock attitude

Romantic dress lined with sparkling beads, for this French bohème look that feels so good during Summer!

A belt with cones studs, to zest it up just a little

A bling-bling sequins covered jacket (King of Pop, Michael Jackson, would have loved it!)

To be worn, just for the fun of mix-and-matching, with wrap-over kaki pants!

72-hours vintage leatherbag, as if going away for the weekend!

Zadig et Voltaire will be in the Avenues Phase II and their Tel # is 22597045

Thanks Marianne Tollié 😉