Let’s Burger… Shall We?

Few days ago, Mr. Fahad invited me for the soft opening of Let’s Burger on the 24th of Feb… I accepted with big smile of course!!! Don’t you know me by now? A couple of days later I saw P0ach’s Exclusive post about the restaurant and I got teased by all the “zexy” dishes – as he explained – and could not wait for the day to arrive 😉

So yesterday… I finally got the chance to go with my sisters!

The restaurant is located on the third level in 360 Mall… right on top of Wagamama.

The reception area and the restaurant ambiance is very 1960-70s’ diner-like! Thats the waiting area

And their merchandise booth

The receptionist guided us through those retro walls and vintage posters on the wall… with TV screens! Very inviting 😉

They are famous for their topping bar, where you make your own burger… your way!

Here are few more pictures of the restaurant and surrounding for you to get a feel of the place

This is their open bar area… adding to the decor with their smiley faces

We looked around for a place to sit to have our late lunch/early dinner…

Now let’s burger… shall we?

While their menu gives you a choice of wide variety and choices of burgers, they also have many appetizers, sandwiches, and desserts!

I was thinking… when in a burger restaurant, one must have a burger… or otherwise dont bother! But whats the harm in ordering a couple of appetizers before that along with two Shirley Temple and lemon n’ mint juice!? 😉

So cheese nachos and bonless wings it is 😉

The boneless wings were pieces of skinless chicken – unbreaded, which I think is a healthier choice than what we’re used to… no?

Both my sisters ordered the Mini Musketeers… three sliders with fries and coleslaw!

I, on the other hand, ordered the Swiss Mushroom burger… only thing that I did not like is that when I asked for it be cooked medium, they said they only do welldone, but assured me that it will be juicy and yummy… and it was! Though I still prefer to have that option 😉

The burger was indeed juicy, but the cheese was melted… it was more of a sauce! Pay extra attention when you eat that burger, I wrapped mine in a napkin! I loved it!

The waiter brought as chilly cheddar sauce to try… it wasnt bad actually, but I prefer my fries the way they are… not even with ketchup!

We were stuffed… the staff, manager, and operation managers all kept coming to check on us… they refused, just refused that we leave without trying their desserts, specially the fondant. We asked them to share a couple but they brought us four to try! And of course… to be able to eat desserts at this stage, we were served coffee and tea LOL

This is their Mars Cheesecake… made with mars chocolate bar

Apple Crumble

Banana Crumble… the first time I try a banana crumble, and LOVED it! Its awesome.. too bad I could only take a bite only

But the best out of all was their fondant… we wanted to leave but one of the staff insisted that we wait (you need to order it ahead of time because it takes around 15 mins to prepare)! And let me tell you this… it was worth the wait! A vanilla ice cream with chunks of oreo cookies, chocolate fondant and banana sauce on the side! YUMMY

All in all… the place is awesome, service is superb, portions of food are generous, and the atmosphere is very appetizing! Their operation’s manager gave us a survey to fill out along with a bag of goodies 😉 How cool is that?

Let’s Burger will officially open on the 27th of this month… do not miss it 😉

21 responses to “Let’s Burger… Shall We?

  1. Amazing 🙂


  2. Go let’s Burger GOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo best of luck guyyysssss…… great pix 🙂

  3. ya36eech el 3afia khoosh review ;*** I really liked the 3 musketeers …was YUM

  4. fabulous to the fabulous let’s burger…

  5. shawaagteenyy!!.. ana amoot 3ala shay isma burger!! idmaaaan!!
    3alaich bel 3afyaaa 😉

  6. nice pics, bas their burgers look sloppy!

  7. I tried the place yesterday and I must say I had one of the most horrible experiences ever!!
    The service was extremely extremely bad (food was late, orders were wrong, waiters didn’t know what to do) and what made it worse is when the manager got mad after I told him that i will be writing about this on a blog and started accusing me of wanting the food so fast and that they’ve been working since 8am and they’re working on full capacity (isn’t that their job?!)
    Did I mention that they never even apologized during the 2:30hrs we spent there just to have burgers!!!!!!

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  10. do they have a website or somethin?

    how bout the prices on their menu? is it acceptable?

    • Yes… http://letsburger.com/
      The prices well… hmmm first time it was open house and we didnt pay a thing. Second time I went my cousin paid. The desserts were around KD2 or less… Burgers’ prices ranged from KD2.500 and up (not sure)

  11. @nouf…damn…i just read ur comment gal…

  12. Q80 In Denver

    Tried it yesterday ..

    OFFICIALLY .. the WORST burger place in Kuwait. I came in for lunch REALLY hungry .. didn’t eat dinner the night before .. so I was starving and I could eat anything .. ANYTHING! Believe it or not .. I couldn’t finish “Robe3” their burger .. ALLAH YEZEED EL NE3MA!

  13. Very very average place.

    Burger was sloppy, fries were horrible.

    Wings were good.

  14. Ansam honey,

    I’m so sorry to be negative, but “Let’s Burger” was beyond mediocre.

    Let’s start with the positive things. The interior design looks spacious and inviting. The seating is comfortable. The staff were attentative and quick. However, the food was not all that!

    Neither the burgers nor the fries were homemade and that burger with swiss cheese and mushroom sauce was inedible. The burgers were not even good quality processed meat, like Al-Khazzan or Americana, and the fries were clearly frozen.

    Also, the presentation of the virgin Mojito was sloppy, and it had what felt like 2 huge tablespoons of brown sugar… it was way too sweet.

    Interestingly, the waiters did not have comment cards, which is bizarre, because the restaurant is new and needs to gauge customer satisfaction levels if it wants to establish a permanent foothold in the burger market.

    Burgers are so easy to make and there are so many good burger places in Kuwait (Burger Boutique, Slider Station, Burger Hub, Ruby Tuesday, Johnny Rockets, etc.) , so if “Let’s Burger” wants to compete, they really need to up the ante on the quality and taste of their food.

    Thanks for allowing to write on your blog again 🙂

  15. Let’s burger…lets not.

    if your idea of a home made burger is a frozen processed low quality meat patty with the ma6a7en three days old buns along with a side of frozen potato chips, all made by your new maid that still needs a lot to learn on how to simply fry an egg, then this is the place to be.

    They used false advertisement, there is nothing home made about that place…NOTHING

    i think that you’ll very much enjoy and love their burgers, if you’ve just had a fire cracker exploded in your mouth, and had lost every single taste bud in your tong.

    a perfect burger place for someone who really loves burgers…but wants to become a vegetarian.

    i’ve nerver ever, ever , ever though that a simple burger can taste that bad.

    this place makes hardees burgers tastes like a hybrid burger between Angus and Kobe meat.

    i’m sorry for the very negative review, but i couldn’t find one single positive thing to write.

    and they left no room for any constructive criticism.

  16. Shamael & Hisham, I totally respect your opinion. I loved the place more than my cousin or people I know. I believe we all have different taste buds 😉 And I will be going again just to see if its still within the same standards when I first dined there! My burgers (both the Swiss Mushroom and the stuffed cheese) were both juicy, as a matter of fact I could not finish the stuffed one cuz it was BIG and filling halfway through.

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