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The Bullet Series by Shurooq Amin

As I posted earlier last week (link) The Lahd Gallery, London, cordially invites you to view the new works of Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin, entitled The Bullet Series, on the 3rd of March 2011, 7pm. The exhibition continues for 6 weeks.

In The Bullet Series,  the paintings are shot by the artist at a range of 50m with a rifle and a small   Hornet bullet. The series as a whole poses controversial religious, political, social, and sexual questions, with some paintings such as My Country is Ill and Take Me To Heaven being central to the work as a study of contemporary Middle Eastern politics. The process of shooting takes place within a safe environment, once the paintings are completed, and only one shot is taken, with a specific target point on the canvas. Shurooq never missed.

Lahd Gallery, 92 Heath Street, London, NW3 1DP, UK.

Tel: 02074357323


Facebook (link)

Argent Chauffeur Services – Milton Keynes

Argent Chauffeur Services is one of the best we tried while in Milton Keynes! They provide personal and reliable services such as:

  • Chauffeured Travel
  • Private Hire
  • Airport journeys
  • Contract Work
  • Corporate Entertaining
  • Executive Mini Coach Hire

They are super professional, punctual, and luxurious! The driver would send you an SMS when on his way to pick you up. Very well mannered drivers in uniforms with very clean cars!

The service is priced depending on the number of passengers and luggages (link)

Official Wbesite (link)

Tel: 01908 239531 – 07710 443647 (mobile)

Fax:01908 239532



Visiting H.E. The Ambassador – Syria

On Day III in Syria, The Kuwaiti Delegation from Ministry of Education (and I) got invited to have lunch at H.E. The Ambassador of Kuwait in Syria, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Daihani

As we approached his house I saw the HUGE Kuwaiti flag on one of its walls and I got chills! I loved it

It was a nice lunch… we mingled and talked and I got to meet more people/staff members of the MoE. The Ambassador was such a nice hospitable man, and so were his staff… all of them 🙂

Kuwait’s Flag… it was really nice seeing you here in Syria ❤


Australian or Kuwaiti?

Okay… it says here, “Fresh Australian Meat – Country of origin: Kuwait”


I Like….

Veggie Samurai – I am actually addicted to it… but I cant beat my own score of 2928! Does anyone else play it? Whats your score?

The Leaning House on Med’hat Pasha – Syria

I first got the grand tour of Old Damascus alleyways (حارات دمشق القديمة) with Mr. Mohammed – one of Sandra’s staff members (Sandra, of The Khan), who is actually from those alleyways… So I was lucky enough to get this tour from a local! Now I got hooked, I just go there and try to get lost from one alleyway to another… its just beautuful

Anyways… while we walked to Med’hat Pasha St, he told me to check this house out…

Its a leaning house with people still living in it 😉

An interesting site… not to be missed while walking towards Med’hat Pasha market from the main road 😉

Abou Kamal – Syria

After a long day of solo shopping at Hameediya (link) and visiting the beautiful Khan (link) I met my sister at night who have just finished up with her work. We walked around Salhiya Area… one of the receptionists in our hotel recommended we try Abou Kamal… which is just five minutes away from our hotel (Cham Hotel).

The restaurant is not fancy! We were hesitant at first, but starving too… so we decided to give it a go anyways

We ordered an appetizer platter which includes Continue reading

Car Seat Hangers

After I posted a picture of my friend’s car seat hanger asking if anyone knew where to get them from in Kuwait… I got so many answers via facebook, twitter, and blog comments. Interestingly, no one mentioned ACE Hardware… I went to A to Z, True Value, IKEA… but couldnt find it then I thought to myself “why not try ACE”!! I am glad I did! I found’em in two styles

First one is made of plastic and comes in different colors.. it works only on detachable headrests

The other one is metal and its more flexible – detachable headrests are not a must here 😛

Price tag (for both)? KD3.250

I got so many of them for myself, my parents, my sisters, my cousin, and friend…

Very useful in winters with our jackets and also good for lawyers and doctors with their work coats 😉


I saw this on P0ach’s blog few days back….


Turkish Coffee at Cham Hotel – Syria

Every now and then we sit in the lounge area in the lobby when waiting for someone or waiting to go out…

Its an open area with  a very high ceiling…. decorated to resembles a courtyard of the typical Arabian Syrian house – with the fountain in the middle… lots of people from all over the world are there chilling out… most of them would order coffee while waiting…

They offer different kinds of coffees…

I, for one, like to have Turkish Coffee every once in a while… but while here in the hotel, I have been ordering it a lot

Its perfectly made… one of the best I’ve had actually! I order it plain with no sugar at all, and its just a tease. Makes you wanna come back and sit in the lobby for more!