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More on The Royal Weddings

Here is Salwa AlMutairi’s very special way of congratulating the Royal Bride and Groom! She is planting a special palm tree on the occasion and Thanking Prince William for respecting Friday! Hmmmm

Oh and announcing that she now have a YouTube Channel (link)

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Another picture showing the wedding and relating it to a Fairy Tale (Cinderella)

LOL – Thanks Mimmi 😉 

I also took some pictures and info from Ali AlArbash Son Jewelers Facebook Page  (link)

What was her “something new”? The earrings worn by Princess Catherine, as she is now called. A gift from her parents, the drop earrings were shaped like oak leaves with a pave diamond acorn suspended in the middle. Sister Pippa wore a similar pair, both sets were made by Robinson Pelham, and said to be inspired by the Middleton family’s new coat of arms, which includes oak leaves and acorns

Kate chose to wear the Cartier “Halo” tiara, which was made in 1936 and purchased by the Duke of York (later King George VI) for his wife, Elizabeth’s mother (also Elizabeth). Queen Elizabeth received it as an 18th-birthday present, at which time she was Princess Elizabeth. The delicate headpiece, which is as understated as a headband of diamonds can be, was lent to Kate by the Queen

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VIVA Social Networking Event

I was invited to VIVA‘s Social Networking Event last night at Chocolate & Macaroon Pop in The Avenues.

The event was successful, I saw many bloggers… probably the first event I have been to with that many bloggers around! I sat with Starcom team… I love them, and they were great company 😀

The event started with people mingling and socializing… then a speech by VIVA’s CEO Mr. Salman AlBadran

He talked about VIVA signing a contract with Apple making it the official distributor and carrier in Kuwait AND with competitive prices too! Even better? Its not locked to limit you to VIVA 😉 How cool is that? But of course the prices offered comes with a one year contract or so!

They opened up Q&A afterwards, and then dinner was served 😀

I left the event (like so many people who attended it) with a bag of goodies that included branded items (stress ball, cap, mug, pen, mobile accessory) and Continue reading

The Longest Breaking News!

Now this is funny!

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GPS in Cameras and Phones Creates Privacy Issue

Ever posted a photo online?


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Congratulations to Safa AlHashim <3

Just read on Safa AlHashim Twitter that she won the Dynamic Woman of ME for 2011 – CONGRATULATIONS! We love you and we are so proud of you!

صفاء الهاشم تقول لمتابعيها على تويتر

عندي خبر حلو…. بأعلنه علي التويتر قبل الجرايد.. أبلغتني جامعة جورج واشنطن بفوزي بجائزة المرأه الديناميكيه للشرق الأوسط لعام 2011

Congratulations Egypt!

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Mubarak Leaving?


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Breaking News

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Ben Ali to Add Mubarak on Facebook!


AlJarida Newspaper -today’s issue- showed a Lebanese lady holding a sign asking Ben Ali *on Facebook* to add Mubarak as a friend….


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From MP AlSaadoun to Bloggers!

Member of the Parliament Ahmed AlSaadoun to Bloggers: Be strong, but do not be harsh – we will not allow national security to violate the constitution of Kuwait which protects the freedom of speech and expression!


السعدون لـ «المدوّنين»: كونوا أقوياء لكن لا تكونوا خشنين لن نسمح لـ «أمن الدولة» بانتهاك الدستور الذي حمى حرية المراسلة والتعبير



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