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Ansam Burger at Burger Hub

While preparing for my blog competition, which I will be posting about SOON today, The Burger Hub Team suggested I pass by and name a burger after me 😉

I went with my sister Anfal at around 7:00PM! Yes, I picked a time where I can have the freedom of taking pictures.. the place was kind of empty, but was getting more crowded by the time we left, so good 😉

As we got seated… the staff were expecting us, and one by one came by to wish me an Continue reading

2011 Annual Textile Arts Exhibition

Kuwait Textile Arts Association (KTAA), Under the auspices of Al-Sadu House , Patron Sheikha Altaf Al-Sabah, Cordially invite you to the Opening Reception for The Annual Textile Arts Exhibition – A showcase of our member’s creativity, completed over the past year.

Wednesday 18 May
7:00 – 9:00PM

Majeeb Al Dosori Hall, Mishrief – Block 4 (Co-operative Area)

The exhibition continues daily until Saturday, 21 May 2011

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 1:00 pm & 5:00pm – 9:00 pm

For more information Tel: 99368147 , e-mail:
Event on Facebook (link)

PechaKucha at Beit AlSadu

Earlier this week, Noura AlHajeri, a Proteges graduate and now a friend, asked me to send her all the pictures I have taken from last year’s The Proteges – Generation I. She was preparing a PechaKucha presentation for her class at Beit AlSadu and invited me to pass by (I kinda invited myself too)

Nine girls/students were presenting that day… I liked the idea how their instructor, Ms. Continue reading

Hala Ramadan – Pictures

I passed by Hala Ramadan with my sister Mimmi yesterday just an hour before the official opening of the event

The place was crowded and I was happy to see a large variety of stalls all over the place… I decided to Continue reading

Blink & Go – The Lashes

Its been almost three weeks since I had Blink & Go lashes applied at The Boudoir Salon (link)

The process to apply them took a long time, but it was so worth it! I was taken care of by Nohad – their makeup artist and Blink & Go technician.

She started by Continue reading

Hala Ramadan Expo

Hala Ramadan Expo Team would like to cordially invite you all to HALA RAMADAN Expo held in Mall 360’s Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition will take place for 3 days May 10th – 12th from 10:00AM to 10:00PM

NOONOPiNK’s Little Girls

NOONOPiNK‘s  Little Girls Collection for Ramadan

10th – 12th of May from 10:00AM to 2:00PM and 4:00PM to 8:00PM

For an appointment please call or message 99907011

Collection is by order only 😉

Here are few of their designs ❤ The girls are so cute!!!

Kuwait’s Social Media Forum – Take II

Zain invited me to attend their second Social Media Event, which took place in GUST last night.

I got their at 5:15PM – which is 15 minutes late than their scheduled time… but due to unavoidable circumstances they did not start till after 6:30PM!

I realized half way through that I forgot my good camera AGAIN! 😦 But I always carry a small one in my bag, so… something is better than nothing!!!

Anyways… The event is organized by both; Zain & Al Hareer.

They started with handing our certificates to the attendees of the first forum, including me, then they broke for prayers… afterwards, Mr. Abdullah AlSaif of AlHareer Business Center gave an introductory speech to the audience.

The event was planned to host a discussion panel by three blogs in Kuwait… to share their blogging and tweeting experiences with the audience!

The starts of the night; @P0ach (blog), @MubarakEsmail (blog), and @his_hers_q8 (blog)… with @DrAlZamel (blog) who was the moderator of the discussion panel!

It was a fun and light event… with lots of examples given by the guests… and some interactions with the audience too. They also talked about how blogs turned into business and how it works, with all of the good, the bad, and the ugly! They also got into discussing FourSquare and how to turn that into a business and marketing tool… giving two thumbs up to NBK‘s move, as a first entrant to use it in our market 😉

P0ach surprised me.. or wanted to have some actions to be exact and asked the microphone guy to approach me explaining “Ansam has a question!”


My reaction? Well… I held the mike, I laughed a bit and was like “Abdullah, I do not have a question!” – It was a funny moment and P0ach is such a sweetheart!

The last speech was given by Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini, one of Zain’s Social Media team. Very informative 😉

P0ach! You are an inspiration to many and one of my best bloggersphere buddies 😀 😀 😀 You are full of energy and smile *mashallah* Thanks for the shout-out LOL

HiKuwait, it was nice to see you again tonight 🙂

His&Hers! What can I say!? Love your blog and I read it on daily basis!

Dr.AlZamel… You did a great job moderating the discussion, and I hold a great amount of respect to you… Thanks again – I am very grateful for your help last week 🙂

AlHareer, thanks for being part of the event. We want to see more of those forums… I know I nagged about the time in the beginning of this post, but nevertheless it was great

Mohammed AlMuhaini (and the whole Zain Social Media Team) Thank you for always remembering me and making me part of your social media events! I really appreciate it 😀

In the end, they handed certificates to the participants and asked us all for a group picture 😀

Oh and it was good seeing you Mr. Omar!!!

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Zain: Social Media Event II

Zain will be hosting Part II of the Social Media Event (for the first event click here, here, and here)

This Time the speakers will be my fellow bloggers 🙂 They will be talking about their experiences and journey in the world of blogging….  Along with the Twitter accounts associated with the blog!

Who are the guest speakers???? Well well well… They’re Continue reading

Snoop Dog Concert From Wataniya

Wataniya Social Media Team is proud to inform you that They have just launch yet ANOTHER contest on their Social Media Channels 😉


The Prize? Well well well…. 30 (YES THIRRT) concert tickets to give out, and they would like you to know about it.

It’s been launched on Facebook – for more, click here 😉

You can also follow them on Twitter: @WataniyaTelecom