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Sponsorship – Little Treats

I am pleased to announce to you all my third sweeeeeeet sponsor on this blog,  Little Treats “YUMMM”!

Can this be any sweeter now?

Hannayome! Every Bride’s Dream Come True

A lot of us, ladies, think of the wedding day as the BIG day! A day where everything must go according to plans, and nothing is supposed to go wrong, right? What comes along with it? Panic! Yeah… the organizing of the event from flowers, caterers, music, the cake, cards, setting, the dress… YOU NAME IT!

Well, luckily for you… “hannayome” is here!

Hannayome, which happend to mean “bride” in Japanese, is a bridal magazine and brainchild of Mariam AlSuwailem and Haya AlKholaifi who packed everything for you -everything you can think of and need- to plan the BIG day. Think of it as THE little handy guide! Now that will save you the time, effort, and headache!

The magazine will be free of charge and will be found in salons, clinics, confectioneries, jewelers, flower shops, and any other locations that would commonly serve a Bride on her big day. All advertisers are reference and not commercial, so you’ll have all the information you need from the first page to the last.

‘Hannayome’ was launched under Rassill Publishing & Distribution Co., Mariam and Haya’s mother company. For more information, you can contact Mariam Al-Suwailem or Haya Al-Kholaifi at, or go to

Read more about them on Bazaar February 2010 issue 🙂

So please join them in the unveiling of Hannayome, Kuwait’s first wedding guide, on Wednesday February 3rd 2010 in AlFares Jewelers – Shuwaikh, opposite Tilal Complex.

For more info, call 9991-5233/44

Sheikh Jaber Highway

While in Bahrain, my sister spotted this sign… A highway named after Sheikh Jaber 😀 So I tried my best to take a picture of it 🙂

Blushberry also snapped this picture in Adliya of Kuwait Avenue 😉

GulfRun 5

I saw this video, which I loved, on Blushberry! Enjoy 😉



Uptill1 have some nice pictures of the event that you can check: Day 1 and Day 2


What do you think of this ad?


Mushroom Soup

Whats your favorite mushroom soup?

Mine is definitley is Riccardo’s, but I am not a big fan of hotel restaurants…. Well, they are -to me- for special occasions with family or significant others. One of my friend suggested I try Nino’s, as he thinks its the best in town.

I posted that question last year on Kuwait & Food and got some interesting answers. Since then I have been trying out different soups at different restaurants. Le Notre’s soup was suggested by a couple of people… so I tried it and it didnt meet expectations, it was just okay (I remember trying years back and it was way better)! I tried Saso’s and did not like it. Lorenzo’s wasnt bad… and it hasnt changed for years! Nice! So now I have Paul and Napket on my list…. Or any other suggestions you have?

Last week, during my lunch break, I tried Casper & Gambini’s.

The soup is not bad at all, but it did not beat Riccardo’s! It was a bit oily at the top! I also ordered iced tea in citron flavor

Well, not recommended… their other iced teas are way better. I like the mint iced tea, the one with cinnamon sticks in and a lemon wedge! And the organic iced tea, which I happen to have a picture of as well 😉

Well back to the main topic… Mushroom soups!!! Any recommendations?

Casper & Gambini’s Menu on KTPD

Star Anise – Tea

My sister sometimes make herself anise tea using star anise. I tried one with her… it smells really good, with a spicy scent tingle!

She started drinking it when she heard/read somewhere about its health benefit and how it works on boosting the immune system (specially with the swine flu craze) – (read about its health benefits here)