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AlDallal – Kuwaiti Monopoly 100%

My sister sent me this email and I thought it was very cool!

A group of young people created a Kuwaiti version of the famous board game Monopoly and called it Al Dallal (the broker). How cool is that? Continue reading

Sideways Drawings

I read this question somewhere and could not find it on WikiAnswers!!!

I looked up some sites and info and came up with this…..

Continue reading



Kissing During Work

Kissing Game

To play the game, click here!

Wait till your boss turns his back and start kiss your colleague for as long as you can! Keep the left mouse button pressed to kiss.

I got 809… and then got caught, I will try harder again some time later heehee 😛

Thanks Lulu H 😉

Happy Slip

I think Happy Slip is AMAZING! I love her videos! She makes me laugh…

Enjoy this one now 😉

You can follow her on Twitter too!

Color Me Mine Outcome

I got a call from Color Me Mine last Tuesday to inform me that our ceramics were ready for pick up or delivery if we wanted that… but since I like it there I planned a morning with a friend to go on Friday… but due to unavoidable circumstances, I totally forgot about it till one of my nephews asked… “Are our ceramics ready yet?”

Since the poor kids were kinda ignored these past few days, I wanted to do something nice… I went to my sister’s house with Continue reading

Out Of Coverage Area

My dear readers!

This is a quick post to tell you I am a bit busy and out of it these few days! My cousin passed away so soon and unexpectedly!

I will be back soon!

PechaKucha – The Event

PechaKucha Night - Vol. II

I made it to the event! Yes I did! I fit that into my “busy” schedule… I litterally had to plan everything back-to-back today… but it was all worth it, except for the lunatic earlier in the day!

The event was amazing! I loved it but missed half of it because I had to leave early to Continue reading


Not long ago… I heard a loud BANG! I get out of my room and found my lil sis… apparently she woke up from the noise!

We went up to check where it came from, and I see this beautiful view of Kuwait City… I go get my camera and snap a picture!

I just wanted to share it with you all (another picture is on my Twitpic)

Kuwait City From Our Terrace


Get this… I was waiting at the traffic light when a lunatic drove by slowly but managed to hit my right side mirror! I look at him and he makes a hand gesture as if I was crazy or something, roll down his window, fix his mirror and look at me again with a disgusted look! I got mad! I look at him and tell him to look where he’s driving… Continue reading