Color Me Mine Outcome

I got a call from Color Me Mine last Tuesday to inform me that our ceramics were ready for pick up or delivery if we wanted that… but since I like it there I planned a morning with a friend to go on Friday… but due to unavoidable circumstances, I totally forgot about it till one of my nephews asked… “Are our ceramics ready yet?”

Since the poor kids were kinda ignored these past few days, I wanted to do something nice… I went to my sister’s house with the stuff… they were SO HAPPY!

Color Me Mine Colored Ceramics

Thats my pumpkin!

Color Me Mine - Ansam's Pumpkin

Look how the color changed from last post’s pictures after the kilns!

Ceramics - Top View

6 responses to “Color Me Mine Outcome

  1. cool.. good job.
    i took the kids and they also chose the 4X4 and the sport car. but my daughter chose a flower. at the middle of the painting the boys got bored and i ended up finishing the job

    • LOL did they go directly for Baskin Robbins like my nephews did? And did you take pictures?

  2. Nice work 🙂
    Like the finishing touches on the license plates XD

  3. Mashallah .. sh7lat’hom 🙂
    a7la shay el jomjoma wil gara3 ;p

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