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I Just Wanted Some Sunflower Seeds…

I met my friend Shurooq for coffee at 360 Mall yesterday after work… and before I left, I decided to make a quick stop at International Mills (elma67ana eldowaliya) for some sunflower seeds!

It was a bit crowded.. few people were ahead of me waiting to be served, it was around 8:00pm and I didnt mind the wait. A green-eyed lady, in her late 30s, kept looking at me, I pretended I didnt see her! She kept turning her face my way… till our eyes met – DANG! She is approaching me, I do not know who she is! She was smiling while she came my way, so I smiled back – I will call her Ms. Green

Ms. Green: God! I am diabetic, but I cant resist sugar (and she reaches out to the bonbons on the shelves, takes one, unwrap it, and put it in her mouth) :-O

I say nothing

Ms. Green: I like this mill… they have good stuff, right?

Ansam: Yes 🙂

Ms. Green: I have a daughter your age, how old are you????

Ansam: Excuse me? hehehe I dont think you are old enough to be my mother (trying to be nice – plus she didnt look THAT old)

Ms. Green: I am 36-38

Ansam: Mashalla (and thinking to myself WTH is 36-38!!! LOL)

Ms. Green: My son studies medicine and he is going to graduate this summer

Ansam: Congrats 🙂 I am sure you are proud

Ms. Green: Well… its fine with me, in the end, its all for him right?

Ansam: 🙂

Ms. Green: I dont like the nationality of the sales guy (and she mentions his nationality – I was like GOD! I hope he is not listening to this) and she continues: They are well known for their flirting behavior and over confidence… blah blah blah (she said A LOT )

Anyways… the lady kept on going, I was praying for the line to go FASTER… but she kept going at it, telling me about her life, that she is divorced, her kids, that she needs to go to the ATM machine to get cash (and why would I be interested in that) – I just smiled mostly!

Oh and earlier today, I make a stop at the gas station, the service guy opens up to me and I am like WTH! He goes on about this customer who wanted to fill her gas with premium but goes to the ultra spot instead and then get shocked at the price and make a scene, he kept talking and talking and talking!

Last week, when I was sick and at the doctor, while waiting for my turn, I was wearing one of those worn-out-style jeans where its torn and all… this lady comes to me and asks “Is this style in? My daughter is killing me with her style, she wears all black… black clothes, nail polish, accessories, shoes… you name it” and she goes on and on until we get to her daughter’s performance in school and how bad it is….

I mean how far and deep can you go in your conversations with strangers!? I hardly even start one! And what do I have written on my forehead? Shrink??? LOL

Picture from Flickr 😉

Stupid Car

I hate it when car drivers act in a mean (and idiotic) way… like for example, I wanted to take a right, but the stupid car in front of me wont move forward… I figured she wasnt in a hurry and shes like “might as well stay where I am since the light did not turn green yet and I will let the others behind me suffer”… when she could have moved forward and saved me time! Grrrrrrrrrr

PS: Image stolen from Baking Tray 😛 but edited by me hahaha

Aziz Rants

I came across @L4a / Aziz Rants on my dear friend P0ach‘s blog post about him 😉


He is basically a young teenager from Kuwait who rants about random daily stuff in a creative funny way! He joined YouTube on May 18th -ahem- which adds to why I like his videos 😉


Check out the stare at time 0:19 to 0:25 LOL! Gott love this guy… he is funny and creative in his own way!

Aziz Rants YouTube Channel (link)

Or follow him on Twitter (link)

Baking Tray Broke My Heart </3

So I finally got to try the Baking Tray New Brunch Menu last weekend!

We got there around 10:35-40am and browsed through their menu. I, for sure, wanted to try an item from their weekend menu so I ordered the English Breakfast with Chai & Haleeb (tea with milk). My friend wanted the turkey omelette with a side of sauteed mushrooms.

At around 10:50am, my friend’s order arrived…

She decided to wait till my order comes. After around five minutes I begged her to start, she wont enjoy her meal if it gets cold. I was thinking my dish will arrive soon. Another 10 minutes passed, she was almost half way through, I asked about my order and they tell me its coming in a few minutes. Well guess what? My order was on the  table more than 20 minutes later… My friend was done with her breakfast, we were a bit angry, and worst of all… they did not do anything about it!

I mean I am a regular at the cafe and I go there A LOT… sometimes every single day of the week. I love their food. As a matter of fact the English Breakfast was really good but I did not enjoy it one bit. I was angry and hungry… it was a day for us to have breakfast together not over 20 minutes apart, and we had to cancel some errands that we were supposed to do because my total wait time was like 40 minutes (if not more) to get my food 😦

Very UNUSUAL for Baking Tray and what I am used to! What went wrong that day!!!!

Why Baking Tray… WHY!!!!!

Comparing Prices

According to Universal Currency Converter GBP8 is around KWD3.700

What do you think?

And They Say “Women” Cannot Drive!

Okay! So I have been in some ridiculous car accidents (one was pretty serious though), all of which with men of different nationalities…. and at the end its always their fault (except for the case against the unidentified – could have been a woman this time), why the generalization, that women cannot drive!

1. Jawazat Roundabout in Salmiya. I was in the middle lane looking into taking the second exit… and keep in mind I was using signals. A Kuwaiti man, my dad’s age, decides to take the first exit from the left lane, takes a sharp turn and hit the corner and back of the car I was driving. He gets out and blame me… tell me its my fault. The end result, HIS fault!

2. I am waiting to pick up my friend from college, so I am parked (YES ON “P”) outside at the door, when an Egyptian man who wasnt looking straight drove to my door and hit my car pretty bad! It was fast, I tried honking, but there was no use! He was going on a speed that I couldnt avoid, and I am happy I came out of it in one piece… just keep in mind that if I wasnt parked, he would have hit the college’s wall!

3. I park my car in the parking lot, go to work… finish at 4:00pm, head back to my car to find it and the car parked next to it damaged from the back. The security comes running for me and hands me a piece of paper and a Civil ID of a Pakistani, who took a “SHARP” turn in the parking lot that turned ugly! (link)

4. My new baby! Yes it was brand new, a 2009 beauty! I was driving on 3rd ring road when a young Kuwaiti guy in his SUV runs a red light and BAM! His excuse: “I’m sorry! I was on the phone… I know its my fault, I ran a red light”. Even worse, the investigator’s suggestion to solve it! (read more)

5. I go out to do my nails, park my car… and go get pampered. I leave to find that someone backed on my car and dented it! No notes… no NOTHING! (So maybe it was a woman this time?!)

6. My sister and I were headed to run errands last Thursday in two different cars, so we were at the red lights… three cars in front of me… including my sister’s. As I was listening to the radio and waiting for the light to turn green, this Indian guy hit me from the back. His excuse: “brake karbaan” which means his brakes are broken!! WHICH IS WHAT! Less than KD10 to get it fixed! Oh and to add the cherry on the top, hes got no insurance! Poor guy is in deep thingamajig!

So tell me again… why the generalization!? Why do you think “WOMEN” cannot drive!!

“Limited” – “The First” – “The Only”

Whats up with those catch phrases! Why do people take them so seriously! I keep reading things like..

“The First Giant Cupcake in Kuwait” well sorry you guys, Sugar & Spice were doing that since forever!

“The only place in Kuwait that sells……” How come you are SO SURE? I have seen this item before in store “X”!!

“Limited Edition” makes people hurry to get their hands on those limited editions items! I mean I never got something just because its limited edition.. as a matter of fact, I have bought the Fendi Moncler Spy Bag few years back because I loved the feel and look of it

Fendi Moncler Spy

and then one of my friends tells me that its a limited edition and not available in Kuwait! SO WHAT! I bought it cuz of the color and the feel of it! I loved it… it was love at first sight hahaha

Now here is the reason why I’m writing this post! I was invited to join a group on facebook for an upcoming event for a flea market! I joined in and read in the poster something like

“The First Flea Market in Kuwait” I mean COME ON!!! Why write the first in Kuwait??? Whatever happened to Friday Flea Market? And then I mention our FIVE60 Flea Market last year!

FIVE60 Flea Market

Even someCONTRASTMark, rwatan, and Kuwait Paper Dump posted about it last year! I also posted about it so many times on my blog!

I just mention that to them on the group but then I go on to their group album and write them good luck wishes and commenting positively on the posters… just to show them that I support them and mean well.

And guess what happens next? My comments/link regarding FIVE60’s flea market get deleted!! They send me a private message saying “At least support us”…. Well… I did! I wished them all the best and said I loved their poster! Why do people only see the negative? The bad? Assume the worse! WHY!!

Oh well…

Now Whats Up With That Kanye!?!


And his rant backstage!


Read more!


It looks like Video #2 is from 2007!

Flat Tire

I was invited to ghabga/suhoor a couple of days ago and I parked my car next to a newly built house! As I drove back home I got this tire pressure loss on my screen! Dang! I guess I drove over a nail and punctured my tire!!


Since my tires are run flats and I do not have a spare tire, I just drove at 80 km/hr till I reached home! Next day after futoor I called the dealership and asked if the service garage was open, in which they confirmed. I decided to go at around 7:45PM. Since I do not have brothers and my dad looked very tired, I Continue reading


PDA in Kuwait… acceptable or not?

Well, I usually am the kind that ignores such incidents… specially when I think that they are old enough to know what they are doing. I do not call the police nor security for that matter (I know a lot of people who would). I was only disturbed (and disgusted) at one incident last weekend. My friend and I met at one of the restaurant in AlBeda’a strip for lunch… we sat next to the smoking section… no one was there really and the restaurant was kinda quiet and empty. Half way through our meals a guy in his 30s came in with a much younger teen and asked to be seated in Continue reading