Kissing During Work

Kissing Game

To play the game, click here!

Wait till your boss turns his back and start kiss your colleague for as long as you can! Keep the left mouse button pressed to kiss.

I got 809… and then got caught, I will try harder again some time later heehee 😛

Thanks Lulu H 😉

18 responses to “Kissing During Work

  1. …. you seen my nurses at work …. I aint playin’ that ….. blekh ….

  2. i scored 1087 😀 and i won ;p thanks for the link it’s fun!

  3. Lolllllllll it’s fun!!!


    this was extremly fun to play :p

  5. 317.
    LOL. Cute.

  6. I tried again today…456!

  7. 1229..finally 🙂

  8. 12,859…
    it is a really fun loving game ..

    i always paly this game..

    well anyways im gettin tired bye

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