Sideways Drawings

I read this question somewhere and could not find it on WikiAnswers!!!

I looked up some sites and info and came up with this…..

The Egyptian drew heads + eyes + legs + feet Sideways (profiles)!!! But the shoulders + chest are drawn as if you were looking at them from the front. Although it seems stiff and unnatural, this way of drawing makes the drawings more visually appealing and makes them appear alive and ready for action doing everyday chores or so…

Egyptian Drawings
Also, notice that men are usually drawn with darker colors than women!

Egyptian Drawings Male_Female

What do you think???

10 responses to “Sideways Drawings

  1. hmmm yemken 3ala shan kel eltafa9eel te6la3 or a`3labha

  2. I remember we studied this during my art class

  3. Wow. That’s really interesting.
    The way the feet and legs are drawn makes you feel like they’re going somewhere rather than just standing there.
    Plus, I guess it’s easier to draw a face in profile…you know, the nose part especially, as opposed to drawing the face looking forward. The feet too.
    Interesting post, though. 🙂

  4. It is always the the shoulders only that is drawn in complete but the rest of the body is still side ways notice the woman her torso, apart from the shoulder, is sideways even the men although they are not as noticeable. And the feet are also pointed sideways, and I think they did this as one drawing is connected to the other, so you can follow it until the end. Do I make sense?

  5. Maybe they were just bad artists with bad perception for drawing distant objects 😛 LOL

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