Get this… I was waiting at the traffic light when a lunatic drove by slowly but managed to hit my right side mirror! I look at him and he makes a hand gesture as if I was crazy or something, roll down his window, fix his mirror and look at me again with a disgusted look! I got mad! I look at him and tell him to look where he’s driving… he laughs and does that crazy gesture again and this time points at me, the light turns green and he run away! I was mad!! Well, beyond mad.. I was furious mad woman behind the wheels! I drove and wanted to catch a glimpse of his car and license plates…

It gets better, I managed to snap a picture of him, and now I am taking it public


And then he goes on with that crazy gesture again… I drove faster, I really wanted to have him park on the safety lane and call the police.. but I had so many things lining up for me… back-to-back errands and “to-dos”!

GRRRRRRR! I want this man punished! HOW???

4 responses to “WANTED!

  1. Geltlich ro7ay 7g il makhfar o goleelhom…
    he must pay for ur right side mirror y3ni

    o b3dain el deera feha qanoon. Degega wa7da yedogon 3leeh yakhzonah o yenadoonah..

    dont let him get away with it! Lo bs ayeronah il makhfar 3shan yekhtere3 o yet2adab kafee…

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  3. ^ I agree. Its a well common procedure,
    You take down the plate number and go to the station,
    They search their database and find the related phone
    Number. 10 minutes later its “balash ya ostaza baleez
    dana 3indi gahaal/sho’3l/araanib/etc wallahi mosh 3awiz mashakil”
    Ansam – “Take him away!”.

    Ansam – *making “crazy” hand gesture as he’s being led to the cell*

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