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Lost in Translation!

Dates, the fruit in the picture below, is translated to (تواريخ) in Arabic which is a date as on a calendar! 😛

Lost in Translation – Juices!

I dont know where to start here!

To begin with they translated mixes to read maxat – which isn’t even Arabic, or Arabized English!

And the Lion’s Drink to (رضعة أسد)!!! PRICELESS!!

Funny Sign at Royal Hayat Hospital

I spotted another “Funny Sign” while visiting a friend at Royal Hayat Hospital

Now skip that lecture of telling me that sign is not funny and its important! I KNOW I KNOW! I just find the execution of it so funny! The people gathering around one point in case of an emergency looks funny as if they are having a “public gathering audience” – (شكلهم ناس متجمعين للطماشة)

This is how I see it and that is why I think its funny 😛

For other signs you can check’em out below

At The Avenues

In Dubai 

In England 

At Wataniya Telecom 


In Bahrain

The Red Car On The Roof!

What’s the story behind this car on top of the house roof in Qadsiya? Anyone knows???

And is it true that there is another car, a blue one, in Nuzha? Also on the roof??

Dogs Vs. Cats

SO true!!!

Spotted: T-Shirt at Nasr Sports Store

I have been looking for 1980s inspired “off the shoulder” tees for quite some time now… My friend Alaa spotted this one in Al Nasr Sports store… which I find kinda funny 😉

Why funny?

Simply because the Tee reads “Sleep All Day” when they are selling “SPORTS”wear 😉

On another note… if you happen to know any store who sell those kinda tees, drop me a line 😉

Adele Parody ft. Angry Birds

I dedicate this to Q! LOL

Angry Birds a la Key of Awesome 😉


Thanks May O. 😉

Ad: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Just saw this on Chai ou 7aleeb blog and thought of sharing it with you 😉


Whadya think???

Funny Clips


Thanks Abdullah 😉

Lost in Translation

Mobile Sack is (جراب الجوال)

Thanks Mais 😉