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Lazurd Macarres

A day or two after I posted about Lazurd on my blog, I came home to find this goody bag waiting for me from Lazurd

Inside of which were three boxes of different flavors of Macarres! I guess they know how much I liked them 😀

Whats so special about them? They are chewier than macaroons and all of their flavor contains a hint of za’atar – which, to me, made it so special and so different

My two favorite flavors are rose and saffron ❤

Thank you Lazurd – so so so much 😉 I considered it an early birthday gift – very much appreciated ❤

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

I consider myself a social-coffee-drinker 😉 Yes, I do not have strong addiction but I do love to have a cup of black coffee (Americano) almost daily! I also like to indulge every now and then with an espresso (LOVE my Nespresso machine)… sometimes even plain Turkish, or medium French! Other times I would just go with a latter (double shot-depending on the mood) with skim milk (or soy) and NO FOAM!

According to this diagram the way I like my latte is called FLAT WHITE!

I always go “skinny latte – no foam!”…. wonder if I ask them next time for a skinny flat white… would they get it?

How do you like your coffee and where do you usually get it/make it?

Ansam – Bazaar Magazine

Check out my interview on Bazaar Online Magazine (hard copies will be available tomorrow) – LINK!

To read the Truth or Dare Questions – Click Here!

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Twitter: @bazaartweets

Random Thought

“Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you”

–Elbert Hubbard

Cooking Challenge

I dont know why I haven’t post about this yet! It happened towards the end of last summer…..

My friend Alfa+ tried this Pear Cake at Barista Cafe while he was in Dubai

He asked me to try it out next time I go to Dubai, specifically in Mall of Emirates! And so I did 😀 Here is the cake I ordered

Pretty good cake! I loved it… now why did he want me to try it? He wanted me (actually challenged me) to create my own version at Continue reading

My Almost Vintage Chanel Accessories

After I posted about From Coco With Love, I promised Pinkbullet *one of my readers* to post about some of my “Almost” vintage Chanel items. Why I say “Almost” is because they are not that old… I would say 20 years! Give or take two years 😉 So here you go (ans yes, I added effects to make the pics look vintage-y too)

Where I got them from? Well… my Mom 😉 She is the original owner 😉

Can I Survive a Week on KD1 Per Day?

I am going to go grocery shopping with KD7 only to spend, less if I can, to buy groceries that will feed me for a week!

This is a new project I am doing! Something that is good for the soul… and to feel for the poor! So let’s see how this one will go!

I will be posting daily journal about my experience 😀

Let’s see how this one will go now 😉

Four Years!

How did I miss it! Yesterday was the 4th year anniversary of my blog (since my first post here)

Where does time fly to? 😉

Image Link!

Coffee With Yasmine at Bazaar

I had a very fun interview with Yasmine from Bazaar Magazine earlier yesterday! We talked about many things… food, life, travel, cooking, work, and again food! It was so much fun 😉

Hopefully the interview will be out in May issue 😉 So stay tuned

Oh and the coffee she served me was super! A mixture of Turkish, French, and “je ne sais quoi”! LOVED it! I wanna pass by again Yasmine for another cup soon 😉

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My little sister told us once that there is something about the number, 27!

This number pops up everywhere she looks…. at least (YES! AT LEAST) once a day!

She would look at the time and it would be xx:27

She turns on the TV and there it is… the temperature in the weather forecast is 27

She would have a conversation with a someone she just met, and she’ll be like “How old are you?” the person would answer “27”

She buys a jeans… whats the total price? KD27!

I can go on and on about it…. she thought she was alone! The 27-everywhere-syndrome!

And then…. one day I meet Ahmed (who designed my new logo) and he branded his car and artwork with the number 27 – also he keeps the reason of his love to the number private, it is still there! 27!

Maryam, one of The Proteges I met last year – same story! The number 27! It does not stop there, she tells me the same story with one of the mentors in the program, Mr. Yarub!!!

I googled it and came across this Continue reading