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If Your BMI is More Than Healthy!

I am not sure about you, but I am not finding it clear…

“If your BMI is more than healthy please pick up one leaflet”

Something is not right… no?

Ghetra Stand

I saw the above ad somewhere and I saved it. I wanted to get one for my dad. Shortly after my sister got it for him! Great minds think alike 😉

I asked my dad yesterday about it and he said he likes it a lot 🙂 I think its great to have guys!

Recommended – Kabab Ji Lahme Baajeen

Kabab-Ji‘s Lebanese Lahme Baajeen (small) – AKA Safayeh. One order is a dozen of small soft flat bread topped with specially spiced ground beef and wrapped in like tacos, and it taste SO GOOD! Price? KD1.400

I sometimes prepare a yogurt/cucumber dip as a complimenting dish to this order! Try the two together… hmm hmm GOOD!

To place an order, call 1861616

Al Jazeera Perfumes

I love Al Jazeera Perfumes… specially their Montale Perfumes line; Black Oud, Pure Gold, and Rose Musk. I go in and spend LOTS of money there, and I could not help but notice how stingy they are with gifts… unlike other stores, specially Al Qurashi, who in my humble opinion are the kindest with discounts and gifts!

Oh well… that does not change the fact that Al Jazeera perfumes are amazing! Too bad they are out of (and will discontinue) Al Jazeera 3, the best out of 5 – again- in my humble opinion! Gotta go check if other branches still carry the last bottles of #3! Why on earth do they want to discontinue it! I LOVE it 😦

D Boutique’s 2nd Exhibition

D Boutique is here in town to satisfy your hunger for fashionable anD limiteD items.. Dresses, tops, vests… you name it! Dont miss it.( WeDnesDay anD ThursDay) March 31 anD April 1 in beit ceDra at 10:30am – 12:00pm anD 5:00pm -9:30pm

Always Check Spelling!

Products, not productEs!!!

Also “Yourself” is one word 😉

Always check spelling before you print!

Caribou Coffee Daily Trivia

Whenever at Caribou, I always try to answer their Daily Trivia 100 fils off questions! I always end up making them laugh!

I know its just 100 fils, but its just so much fun for me to tease them about it and how I earned it… I really do take my time in answering specially when there is no waiting line. So do you know the answer to this one? My sister was with me and she helped… yes, she guessed it right with their hints.

But really… all of Caribou staff at all branches I have been to in Kuwait are so friendly and full of smiles 🙂 Dont you agree?

BONUS QUESTION: What did I order that day -FOOD wise-?