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Shark Whale at Marina Cresent

It looks like another shark whale got trapped into Marina Crescent a couple of days ago – May 12th to be exact 😉

My sister and her friend snapped those pictures while there

Something must be done to avoid such incidents 😦


Pictures March Sand Storm

My friend Manal snapped those couple of pics last March during the sand storm.. I thought they were worth sharing! Scary :S

The Red Car On The Roof!

What’s the story behind this car on top of the house roof in Qadsiya? Anyone knows???

And is it true that there is another car, a blue one, in Nuzha? Also on the roof??

Chocolateness – The Shop!

Last week I met with the fantabulous team behind Chocolatness… The team that has been spoiling me and surprising me many many times with my favorite chocolate molten cake in K-Town! This is coming from me… and I am not a chocolate cake person, but this cake is something else 😉

We had a very nice talk all of us in their soon to be opened shop in Burj Jassem… we talked about the project itself and more! You guys are amazing and you are doing an amazing job! Towards the end, and before I left I was given a box of yummies!!!

It contained four different flavors; my favorite flavor, chocolate of course and my second favorite (very close to the chocolate one) is peanut butter, cinnamon, and caramel… which I came to know that the latter is made with high quality ingredients (cost them the most to make)

I remember tasting it for the very first time in a car boot sale with Rakan saying “Try the best molten cake in Town ya Ansam”… thats when I turned my head, walked toward their mini oven at the time and got hooked to this devilish cake served with their signature wooden spoon! That first bite was an unforgettable moment!

They told me of how their story started… how they used to take the calls and delivering orders themselves!

Wishing you guys the best and waiting for your official opening of the shop!

For more check out and LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

Tel: 99906890 –  22960606. They now offer delivery service 9:00AM to 9:30PM daily 😀

No LOVE – Update

My friend just informed me that the store I talked about yesterday got a visit from Department of Trade Control (ادارة الرقابة التجارية) and they found nothing at all against the store itself. Just wanted to update you all 😉 Lets see how this goes from here now!

And regarding the hate and attack comments I got, I say go reread what I posted! I never said the store is actually selling FAKE items – I did not accuse them of that! It can be a problem within the company itself and I am not sure too! I also stressed on the UNIQUE customer service my friend received from that store!

Dont just attack me! Read it well please 😉

For the full story, CLICK HERE!

The Bloom – Kuwaiti Short Movie

BioFilms, a group Kuwaiti Film makers, presents their newest short film: “The Bloom”


I LOVED IT! Its amazing! Great work you guys!

Thank you Salem Theyyab 🙂

Nour Al Huda
Yousef Al Qallaf
Sofana Al Shawwaf
Mohammed Al Ali
Hussain Al Rasheed

Written By:
Ahmed Al Terkait

Music Composer:
Hussain Al Rasheed

Director of Photography:
Ahmed Al Terkait

Ahmed Al Terkait

Directed By:
Ahmed Al Terkait

For more, check out/Like their Facebook Page (link) – YouTube Channel (link)

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