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New Year Traditions

How do you welcome the new year? Most new year celebrations run around family and friends… Since we were kids, my dad would ask us to gather around the TV for the count down. If anyone is asleep, they must wakeup for it. We hold a glass of water and as the count down starts, we drink the water when the countdown reaches 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year! And then we can tell everyone that we drank ONE glass of water from last year to this current year, which is technically correct!

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Au Revoir!

I am leaving tonight and going to Europe! I will be back next year… Which is 2010! No worries 😛

So I’ve prepared few posts here and there for the next few days. I cant promise you that I will be posting while on vacation, but I will try my best. I will also be back with so many pictures and stories to share -hopefully- with you all!

I will miss you Baby Z ❤

Haifa’s “I Will Survive”

I saw this video on p0ach‘s blog!


Drama Drama Drama


Thanks Mimmi 😉

And They Say “Women” Cannot Drive!

Okay! So I have been in some ridiculous car accidents (one was pretty serious though), all of which with men of different nationalities…. and at the end its always their fault (except for the case against the unidentified – could have been a woman this time), why the generalization, that women cannot drive!

1. Jawazat Roundabout in Salmiya. I was in the middle lane looking into taking the second exit… and keep in mind I was using signals. A Kuwaiti man, my dad’s age, decides to take the first exit from the left lane, takes a sharp turn and hit the corner and back of the car I was driving. He gets out and blame me… tell me its my fault. The end result, HIS fault!

2. I am waiting to pick up my friend from college, so I am parked (YES ON “P”) outside at the door, when an Egyptian man who wasnt looking straight drove to my door and hit my car pretty bad! It was fast, I tried honking, but there was no use! He was going on a speed that I couldnt avoid, and I am happy I came out of it in one piece… just keep in mind that if I wasnt parked, he would have hit the college’s wall!

3. I park my car in the parking lot, go to work… finish at 4:00pm, head back to my car to find it and the car parked next to it damaged from the back. The security comes running for me and hands me a piece of paper and a Civil ID of a Pakistani, who took a “SHARP” turn in the parking lot that turned ugly! (link)

4. My new baby! Yes it was brand new, a 2009 beauty! I was driving on 3rd ring road when a young Kuwaiti guy in his SUV runs a red light and BAM! His excuse: “I’m sorry! I was on the phone… I know its my fault, I ran a red light”. Even worse, the investigator’s suggestion to solve it! (read more)

5. I go out to do my nails, park my car… and go get pampered. I leave to find that someone backed on my car and dented it! No notes… no NOTHING! (So maybe it was a woman this time?!)

6. My sister and I were headed to run errands last Thursday in two different cars, so we were at the red lights… three cars in front of me… including my sister’s. As I was listening to the radio and waiting for the light to turn green, this Indian guy hit me from the back. His excuse: “brake karbaan” which means his brakes are broken!! WHICH IS WHAT! Less than KD10 to get it fixed! Oh and to add the cherry on the top, hes got no insurance! Poor guy is in deep thingamajig!

So tell me again… why the generalization!? Why do you think “WOMEN” cannot drive!!

Ad – “Achive” More

I love it…. but “achive”? I mean look how big it is (compared to the man walking by)! Spell check PEEPS!!!

What do you think?

Happy Birthday P0ach

Many happy returns on the day Mr. P0ach 😉 You are awesome!

Here you go… breakfast on me today!

Three Letters

Those three letters together reads “Farted” in Kuwaiti dialect!

Disclaimer II

Last August I posted a disclaimer with “extra” information on my “N0-No” posts! And here I am explaining it to you all AGAIN! Those posts are MY views and what I like and dislike. What I dont agree with or what I see wrong.

The pictures I use in my No-No posts are from:

  • My camera – my own pictures
  • Friends
  • Email forwards
  • Or contacts through blog

Most of the time they are being sent to me with censored faces, and in addition to their censoring, I do more covering. I do not show faces or write down names. I state what I see wrong when it comes to respect to others… In MY opinion, that is!

Keep in mind that I am not doing it to “EXPOSE” or “OFFEND” anyone! Think of it as a general awareness!

A good example that is similar somewhat to what I do is Glamour Magazine! They post pictures of street styles with DO’s and DONT’s of fashion. I do it in General

Here are some Glamour Magazine worst DONTs:


So I am going to password-protect some of those posts from now on…. anyone who can keep an OPEN mind and would like to view them, please let me know! Otherwise, take a chill pill 😉

D Boutique’s First Exhibition

“shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone… just your best frienDs!you are inviteD to D boutique’s first exhibition in beit ceDra toDay anD tomorrow (Monday & Tuesday, Dec 28 anD 29) at 4:30-9:30pm, limiteD pieces only but many Different styles!Dont say i DiDnt tell you!”