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And… Another Cake Yesterday!

My friend, Razan, and I always talk about going to Rice for lunch… So we made it at last yesterday!

The plan that I leave work and she pick me up around 5:30 so we can have late lunch/early dinner… or what some call “linner”. So at 5:30pm I got into her car and headed to the avenues. I kept thinking what to order since I was starving… remembering the menu and all. Anyways we got there and the place was kinda empty, it was just us with a couple of families. We sat outside and ordered food. I had the Baby Chicken -boneless- and Razan order the Hamour Sayadiya. The food arrived and we dig right into it.. yumm!

At Rice, when you’re done.. the dessert and tea is served right away. We got Muhalabiya and some sort of Arabic dessert with tea. Razan did not touch it, I was telling her to try some and she was like no… and she talked to the waitress. I was like hmmmm I think she is gonna pay and asked to have the bill. Then out came a loud “Happy Birthday” music playing… now picture this, Rice is located in the Avenues Phase II food court. Its an open area, and near by many restaurants and magic planet. People where looking for the source of music as well as me… I was like hmmm who’s birthday is it and I saw Rice waiters holding it, I looked at the other table and automatically assumed it was their little boy’s birthday I smiled and sipped more tea… but wait a minute the cake skipped them, and… its heading toward US! WHAT! Its another surprise!!! OH MY GOD! I am not the kind that like the public attention but the gesture was too nice I was gonna jump over the table and hug Razan! Hahaha! People from outside Rice stood and some waved *blushes*… Razan!! I can’t believe you did this!!!! I bet it was the perfect KODAK moment to see my so red face! Loud music in public and for me! I covered my face hahaha…

Shortly after Razan gave me a Baroue bag with a box in it… she’s like accept this please, its nothing! Just a gag gift that I hope you like… I open it and it was iPod Touch (which I will tell you what happened afterwards in the Avenues). Its AWESOME! I was actually thinking of getting one! That girl is full of surprises! First it was lunch, then the cake, then the iPod! Razan!! THANK YOU :-*

Busy Busy Busy

I have been super busy… I am not posting as much as I want to! I am not visiting other blogs and commenting as much as I want to either! I miss you all so much! I will try to take it easy after work… do some blog hopping and catch up with all of you! Got lots to say but I am drained with work, after work, some other issues, and not much sleep 😦

Until then…. Stay tuned 😉

OD on Sugar!

OK, so I have been sick for quite some time now… and I have a wonderful family and friends. I had a pre birthday cake from my cousins, birthday cake on my actual birthday from one of my sisters, and post birthday cake few days after my birthday from one of my friends! How wonderful is that!! I feel much better already!

PLUS… three of my very good close friends got engaged one after the other… and I know all three grooms and they are all awesome and I wish them the best 🙂 We had cupcakes with their initials to celebrate!

So how about I try to beat the sickness outta me… I have been jumping up and down out of joy.. specially with my post birthday cake and the celebration of our three friends getting engaged! I gotta kick that infection’s ass and be healthy again… cuz I am really tired and sick of being tired and sick!!

Proud Contributor


Yes! I earned a badge! I am a proud contributor for Kuwait Paper Dump.

Hello!! I Moved ;-)

Yes! I have decided to move to wordpress… I said I will quit blogger and not blogging hehehe! Some people guessed it right! Oh and I picked today, FIVE ONE EIGHT = May 18th = My birthday, to start posting here 😉 I am still getting used to wordpress, and with a lot of help from my bloggersville buddy 3baid I will be fine :-

So for today, I am taking it easy… as some of you already know, I am sick 😦

  • Plan A: feel better by 8:00pm and have dinner out… or
  • Plan B: take it easy and order Chinese or Pizza

I am leaning towards Plan B, but will see how thing pick up from here 🙂

My Pre-Birthday Cake from my cousins on May 14th

My Pre-Birthday Cake from my cousins on May 14th