PechaKucha – The Event

PechaKucha Night - Vol. II

I made it to the event! Yes I did! I fit that into my “busy” schedule… I litterally had to plan everything back-to-back today… but it was all worth it, except for the lunatic earlier in the day!

The event was amazing! I loved it but missed half of it because I had to leave early to catch up with another plans I had set for the day!

It was pretty crowded and people were sitting on chairs and benches… on the grass or looking down from up above!!

Honestly, what do you think of the below picture? Someone -I do not know- said its and interesting picture while looking at the LCD! And then she told me its an “interesting” picture and asked me if I knew what “interesting” means… and she goes, by “interesting” I mean poor! Angle and all!! WTH!? I like it!! Do you???

The Crowd

This guy was amazing… his name is Ahmed AlRifaie. His art work consisted digital images!


And of course… Shurooq Amin, the main reason why I attended PechaKucha 😉 She used the oldest and most unknown of the arts… Ekphrasis! And how you can enhance your enjoyment of art by it! The missing link between art and poetry! Shes awesome!



The event went well! It was amazing and I look forward for more of it… I did not like how some of the crowd talked while others presented and by talked I mean how they played silly pushing each other and all… and making silly remarks and comments about presenters! Grow up peeps!!!

20 responses to “PechaKucha – The Event

  1. beware of burka ladies

  2. I’m sorry I missed it too. I was planning to go… but as you know nannyless! :((

  3. Nah, the Monster one, or did you leave early?

  4. Burqa madness….

  5. isnt that shirin neshat’s video and painting with the yellow thread and men running behind her in the woods? “women without men”

  6. 3atham allah ajrej Ansam!! My god its shocking news

  7. I hate it when people talk during speeches.

  8. Darn!! since M left for her vacation, I’ve been missing on a lot of stuff!
    Really really was looking forward for this event, I’ve read about it somewhere, and Poof! I completely forgot about it!

  9. cool glad you made it.

  10. Omar AL Rajhi

    Now you can watch the presentations on youtube
    please give us your comments and suggestions

    To apply for PKN3
    contact us on
    deadline is on August 10th, 2009
    PKN Kuwait Organizers

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