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A new personalized Ladies Salon specializing in Facials, Hair treatments, and Relaxing


Many shampoos and hair treatments are available in Fivesenses.

Different kinds of facials from cleansing to treatments. Oxygen, whitening, or firming! Face-lift and peel… and guess what? They are running a 1-Week Promotion From Continue reading

Aziz Rants

I came across @L4a / Aziz Rants on my dear friend P0ach‘s blog post about him 😉


He is basically a young teenager from Kuwait who rants about random daily stuff in a creative funny way! He joined YouTube on May 18th -ahem- which adds to why I like his videos 😉


Check out the stare at time 0:19 to 0:25 LOL! Gott love this guy… he is funny and creative in his own way!

Aziz Rants YouTube Channel (link)

Or follow him on Twitter (link)

Ad – HP Slate

Whadya think?


Thanks Abdul_72 😉

Recommended – Lipstick & Gloss

MAC’s Velvet Teddy (pinked beige) lipstick + NARS’s Stella (muted raspberry) gloss are a killer combo!

I love both and I Continue reading

Who Want To Be “Half” a Millionaire?

I saw this video on Blushberry about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” of what it seems to be the Moroccan version! I was wondering if it replaces George Kurdahi‘s but I dont think so because this one is on a channel called Nessma, whereas Kurdahi’s is on MBC, so I think its just a separate show with the same name…

Anyways… that is not why I wrote this post… reason is I wrote this post because I found another related video on YouTube


At time 0:13 it shows EUR500,000 as the top prize… it never shows EUR1,000,000! Why? LOL

We can literally describe it as:

برنامج نص كم

Which means “Half-sleeve”  – kinda lost in translation-

Whadya think?

Tan? Seriously??

About a month ago, a new newspaper called AlRased was placed on each and every desk at work. I remember I was photo reading it when I came across this picture (circled in RED)….

-click to enlrage-

The article talks about sunbathing/tanning… and it shows a picture of starving African lady holding a sunglasses under the sun in the middle of a dessert!

Seriously? Why not do the research before publishing!!! Below is the original picture – It reads Sunglasses EUR 24 – Access to Water EUR 8 and then the number to text to send donations! YES! Its an aid campaign!!!

Which is from “People In Need” Campaign (!!


Lost in Translation

I was at the Physiotherapy Clinic in AlMowasat Hospital to check on the numbness in my face (before I knew it was due to TMJ) and saw this banner while waiting…

هل تعاني من الديسك

Is translated to

Get Back on Track

Now I know translation in ads is mostly conceptual rather than “literal” but those are two different from each other… The Arabic one should have been more broad and not just about “Disc”… I would have typed:

عد الى المسار الصحيح


عد كما كنت في سابق عهدك

Whadya think?