Meli Melo <3 Dean & Deluca

“Giapponese in Italia”… Dean & Deluca has invited “Meli Melo” to join Dean & Deluca fine cuisine with its creative Japanese food uniquely designed for Dean & Deluca. Visit them in the Avenues 😉

Read my previous review on Meli Melo by clicking here 😉

KTPD Meli Melo Menu


10 responses to “Meli Melo <3 Dean & Deluca

  1. hmmm i thought i saw some asian food with chop sticks the other day in D&D but i am not sure and i didnt quite pay attention? Must go back and explore!

  2. OMG itsadeen galaw lee inah Dean & Deluca is closing elbusiness :/
    Insidaaamt I’ve never been to D&D before w laman qarart sema3t hal qarar. Shaklah hopefully its only a rumor..

  3. Intresting fusion!

  4. I went there right after I saw ur post !
    check my blog ,hehe 😉

  5. The best Japanese food in kuwait ;* so thats me going to be in Dean & Deluca 24-7 ;p

  6. :)) Thanks Ansam… its been a while didnt see u in D&D, The Kuwaiti Maki is awesome I love it 😉
    pass by and gimme some of your new Ideas

  7. it sounds interesting to me… hopefully will check it out in one of these weekdays!!

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