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Naranj – Old Damascus

While roaming around Old Damascus, specially when my sister was busy with the delegation.. I tend to just randomly go into the alleyways! I never got lost, but always managed to discover new places and -ahem- restaurants! Not to mention the grand tour I had during my second day in Damascus!

Anyways… I passed by a restaurant called Naranj, which translates to (نارنج) – some sort of orange specie -bitter one- in Syria.

I entered the restaurants, it was still day time… I looked into their menu and took a couple of pictures

I know the place is kind of newly opened in Kuwait, so I really wanted to try this one in Syria and then the one in Kuwait so I can compare the two.. I marked it as a must visit at a later time when my other sisters and nephew join in from Kuwait

A couple of days later, after their Continue reading

Tea W/ Abu Shady At Nawfara Cafe

During my day tour with Mohammed (link) I spotted this sign of Nawfarah Cafe (مقهى النوفرة) – meaning The Fountain

I remember I read about it on the Internet… there is (still to-date) a “Hakawati” (حكواتي) storyteller that comes to this coffee shop at night named Abu Shady (أبو شادي)! I was determined to pass by the cafe during my stay!

I came at different times and asked the staff… they informed me that he comes around 5:00-5:30PM

The cafe is located behind the Continue reading

Shakespeare & Co.

A good place to have an afternoon tea at when shopping in Dubai Mall is Shakespeare & Co. 😉 The cafe is designed in a very colorful Victorian style… chairs and sofas of bright colors, with classical mix and match patterns! No table is set in a way to have a matching set

This is the kind of place that I appreciate the kind of design used in but do not wish to have it for myself – if that’ll make any sense? Well let me try again! If I were starting my Continue reading

Souq Albuzooriyah – Syria

On my second day in Damascus (last February) I had the grand tour with a local! My friend Sandra was going out of town and she arranged a day trip for me in Old Damascus alleyways with her driver… He is actually from Old Damascus… he knows the alleyways really well – lucky me to have someone like Sandra who arranged for it all AND for Mohammed, my amazing tour guide for taking the time to take me to this tour in the old city – I had a great time that day!

He picked me up from the hotel! We headed to Old Damascus, parked the car outside The Khan (click here, here, and here for a full review of The Khan), and we walked around in the alleys!

We started of with Souk Albuzooriyah (سوق البزورية) – a famous historical market located to the south of Umayyad Mosque. The souq is consisted of different vendors selling all kinds of spices, herbs, herbal medications, handmade soaps, dried fruit, candies, coffees, and much much more!

During my two weeks stay I have visited this market numerous times snapping different pictures each time I go

So it is basically a post FULL of pictures… and as the saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words” so let me take you into a Continue reading

MORE – Dubai

While in Dubai last March/April we stopped by MORE cafe in Dubai Mall

This is how  they greeted you! A menu with iced cold water garnished with a lemon slice and fresh mint leaves! It was just perfect… because we walked from our hotel to the mall and it was a bit humid/hot!

Anyways… the place was crowded! Its an open area restaurant in the lower ground level of the mall with lots of things going around!

By lots things going around I meant the Continue reading

Ma’loula – Syria

Yes! I am back to posting about my previous trips! Today I will be taking you with me to Ma’loula (معلولا)

Ma’loula is a city located northeast of Damascus (about 50KM away).. the name itself means the Continue reading

The Royal Wedding @ Hyde Park

Here are some pictures of the Royal Wedding I would like to share with you all the way from Hyde Park from Luluscious 😉

Here you go with her commentary 😉

It was an amazing day at the Hyde Park! People gathered to
celebrate the royal wedding.

Big screens where available as well as food stands all around..

I had to actually go there around Continue reading

The Royal Wedding Frenzy

The amazing Luluscious sent me a glimpse of The Royal Wedding frenzy in London and how some retailers are targeting tourists and serious collectors to get their hands on valuable memoir, which she admitted to fall in herself 😛

And Continue reading

Spotted: SWAROVSKI Mini

Luluscious spotted this SWAROVSKI frosted Mini Cooper in their shop in Oxford St. in London

Nexium Vs. Naxiprazol

A while back, I was prescribed to take Nexium

14, 20mg, tablets that sells somewhere between KD7.500 -8.500

While I was in Syria I realized that I had forgotten to bring in a new box, and was left with a couple of tablets only for a 12-days period. I headed to one of their local pharmacies and was given the Syrian version of Nexium, which is called Naxiprazol

20, 20mg, tablets that sells for SYP110 (which is close to  600 fils!!!!)

He said the foreign make of the same medicine is SYP800 (around KD4.600) which is like half the price of the one in Kuwait!!!

After I tried it for few days, same effect and no problem, I went ahead and got few boxes with me back home. Question is, is it really the same? Should I take it with me on my next doctor visit and ask? I have no complaints so far! I am just questioning the price difference!!

Oh and I like the fact that the prices are PRINTED on the boxes of their medications so its fixed all over the city 😉