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Tea W/ Abu Shady At Nawfara Cafe

During my day tour with Mohammed (link) I spotted this sign of Nawfarah Cafe (مقهى النوفرة) – meaning The Fountain

I remember I read about it on the Internet… there is (still to-date) a “Hakawati” (حكواتي) storyteller that comes to this coffee shop at night named Abu Shady (أبو شادي)! I was determined to pass by the cafe during my stay!

I came at different times and asked the staff… they informed me that he comes around 5:00-5:30PM

The cafe is located behind the Continue reading

Shakespeare & Co.

A good place to have an afternoon tea at when shopping in Dubai Mall is Shakespeare & Co. 😉 The cafe is designed in a very colorful Victorian style… chairs and sofas of bright colors, with classical mix and match patterns! No table is set in a way to have a matching set

This is the kind of place that I appreciate the kind of design used in but do not wish to have it for myself – if that’ll make any sense? Well let me try again! If I were starting my Continue reading

Lost in Translation – Juices!

I dont know where to start here!

To begin with they translated mixes to read maxat – which isn’t even Arabic, or Arabized English!

And the Lion’s Drink to (رضعة أسد)!!! PRICELESS!!

P&T With Noon

Noon is one my favorite breakfast buddies… an early bird, who do not mind waking up really early to have breakfast out as early as 6:30AM sometimes… before going to work! Just like me 😉

We decided to drop by Prime & Toast for breakfast a couple of days ago… a place we both LOVE so much 😉

Anyways… we both wanted to try something new! Noon opted for a turkey and cheese omelette with apple juice

She is a BIG Ricotta Pancake lover at P&T (link) but I guess she was in the mood for a change! She loved her egg so much! She said it was so good and that it exceeded her expectations 😉

My order? Mulberry Eggs, sunny side ups of course… I only asked them to make two eggs instead of three… but when my dish arrived I was like hmmm! I am not sure if I had this one before – so much for trying something new –

Loved it as usual! Loved everything about it actually! The eggs were made nicely (ideally I like crunchier edges)! The egg yolks were liquid-y just the way I like’em… cherry tomatoes with thyme added a yummy (and aromatic) touch to the dish! Hmmm it was one yummy breakfast… IF it wasn’t for my coffee! I dont know what is it with me and black coffee these days! No one seems to make’em right anymore! It  tasted burnt :S Sorry P&T but I hated it 😦 Thank God for Fiji Water 😛

It was one nice outing… Noon is just fun to be around with 🙂 She always have some interesting stories to tell and I enjoy her company ❤

Our bill came to a total of KD7-8 (forgot the exact amount)

Prime & Toast has two locations. We went to the one opposite AlSeef Palace. Their other branch is located in AlArgan in AlBeda’a.


I ran into Mr. Richard Saliba, Operations Manager at MMC, yesterday while in The Avenues. He informed me of many new items at their restaurants; Sawah, Crimson Garden, and Cafe Meem. The teasers are on Twitter @MMCKuwait.

Being the iced tea fan that I am, I have decided to drop by Crimson Garden to try’em out 😉 There were three kinds; Tooter (blackberry syrup + fresh orange juice + tea), Sunrise (raspberry syrup + fresh orange juice + tea), and “T”Berry (peach syrup + cranberry juice + tea). I went ahead with the “T”Berry 😉

It came in layered! Yes layered 😉 Peach Syrup at the bottom, cranberry juice in the middle, and tea on top! Beautiful… I forgot to snap a picture before stirring it and taking a couple of sips (I had mine in a To-Go cup) but here is a picture taken from their facebook group with the original look 😉

For more info and pictures you can check their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter @MMCKuwait


Shayma, my friend’s status on Facebook -about a couple of days back- reads:

“Starbucks officially lost a 2 time daily customer!!!!! The new fraps taste like crap!! Switching to Coffee Bean frozen coffee!

Need to locate all Coffee Bean stores in K Town lool!!”

Another friend, Ahmed, sent me a message via BBM saying

“I’m not happy with Starbucks new skimmed milk. They are using Safi’s long life low fat milk which is 1 percent fat, so I think its heavier than Nada’s milk, and it tasted weird. They used to use Nada before”

Its interesting to get those messages at around the same time… which confirms that something went wrong with their coffee (or milk?)

Now I’m not a heavy coffee drinker! I’m not addicted to caffeine either! However, I do enjoy my cup of black coffee (Americano) almost daily. I do indulge in a single espresso, plain Turkish, or medium French coffee sometimes… yet I wont make a fuss if I dont have my daily intake of it at one point in time! I also like to have a latte every now and then 😉

As for Starbucks? I do not usually enjoy their coffees! They taste a bit watery for my taste… as for their food items? Hmmm I liked them the most back in 2002/3 when they had one of my favorite sandwiches at the time; Shaved Chicken, which is made of sun dried tomato bread, shaved chicken and black olives! It was AMAZING! I cannot find a replacement for such sandwich!

I was also talking with Farah, a friend, last week who told me that cafe’s barista do make a HUGE difference! She is like

“I do not like Starbucks either, but the branch at Baitak Tower is different! Their barista make an amazing coffee drinks there”

Worth checking out I guess 😉

My cousin Noufa K. told me

“God! A lot of people are complaining about Starbucks running out of White Moccha. Its been a while I know, and I love it as well.. but I have my own new mix that I make, I ask for vanilla latte and extra shot of hazelnut topped with cream  and caramel on top – which kinda makes up for it ;-)”

Whats your take on this? Any input? Info? Comments?

Breakfast and Brunch

I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a long time. I remember driving around the area (opposite The One store in Marina Mall) to look for it and giving up because I hated it there… many cafes – the kind I AVOID – and the atmosphere I hate…. so this time, Noufa and I decided to go again and we found it!

The place is TINY! Really tiny with four tables inside – two of which serve a maximum of three each, and the other two serves four persons each. A couple of tables out but that was about it..

On each table is a mini white board that reads “G.Morning Welcome to B&B Pls write us your order” with two markers

I was like MAN! What!!! But Thank God the waitress came to take our orders while Noufa K. took the board and Continue reading