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Ad: Bayan Dental Whitening Kit

Love Bayan Dental new ad 😉 I actually love all their ads! They are always fun and full of life!

Here they are advertising the Whitening Kit on the go – Buy it with free delivery

And they were super kind to send me samples to try out 😉 Can you blame me for loving them?

To find out more call 23824000

Bayan Dental (link)

Facebook (link)

Twitter @bayandentalkw 

Thank you Rama for your continuous generosity 😉 I kinda came over my fear of dentist and I do trust to be on the dentist chair with my two doctors at Bayan; Dr. Waleed AlFulaij and Dr. Alaa Shahrouri

Ad: VIVA Thanks Attendees of Social Networking Event

My friend S.D. tagged me earlier in a picture on Facebook

I looked up the ad and found it! VIVA showing appreciation to the attendees of its first social networking event 😉 Nice move. Thanks for the mention 😉

What do you think?

Ad: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Just saw this on Chai ou 7aleeb blog and thought of sharing it with you 😉


Whadya think???

Ad – New Zain eeZee Campaigns

What do you think of the new Zain eeZee ads/Campaign (ad/offer link)?

Now I know they say that any publicity is a good publicity, and they really got everyone talking in Kuwait… I still want to know what you think of those ads?

Image from AboFlan

Image from AboFlan

Anyone saw these ads in English? I wonder how they translated’em!?!?

Kuwait… My Choice – CBK


I love CBK‘s campaign… they have another take on showing people’s love to Kuwait… targeting expats. Those who are living in Kuwait and loving it!

I LOVE the idea… its different – the only company in Kuwait with this unique idea! WTG CBK 🙂

For more videos, check out their YouTube Channel (link)

VolksWagen Commercial: The Force

Just saw this ad on 4th Ring and wanted to share it with you 😉


MUNCH 50/20 Platter

MUNCH presents the 50/20 platter to celebrate the National Independence and Liberation days 😉

Click on image to enlarge 😉

Ad – Chanel Make up



Thanks Mimmi 😉

Healthier Options at Burger Hub

I didn’t know Burger Hub offered healthier options for their burgers till earlier today when I was chatting with them via twitter (link)!

  1. The topeless (no bun on top)
  2. Dress to impress (less dressing)
  3. Lettuce change things (lettuce wrap burgers)

Thats pretty cool! Anyone tried it before? Whadya think guys?

Lack of Creativity

Notice anything odd about this ad?

Well lets take a closer look now… Check out their logo

Rings a bell?