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I woke up really early yesterday – I was in Kuwait City to take pictures for a client early in the morning! I passed by the grocery store, our local coop, to get some stuff….. so by the time I got back home it was around 8:00AM… I decided to prepare breakfast for dad and I, since I was home alone with him 😉

My aunt sent us Girs Egaili (قرص عقيلي) the other day – a traditional Kuwaiti cake… It was the trigger to prepare such breakfast actually, what goes well with it… and I went from there 😉 So I added Darabeel (درابيل) or what I call, Kuwaiti dry cinnamon rolls 😉 and I sliced a multi-grain French bread….

Darabeel goes well with hot Continue reading

Ansam Burger at Burger Hub

While preparing for my blog competition, which I will be posting about SOON today, The Burger Hub Team suggested I pass by and name a burger after me 😉

I went with my sister Anfal at around 7:00PM! Yes, I picked a time where I can have the freedom of taking pictures.. the place was kind of empty, but was getting more crowded by the time we left, so good 😉

As we got seated… the staff were expecting us, and one by one came by to wish me an Continue reading

Naranj – Old Damascus

While roaming around Old Damascus, specially when my sister was busy with the delegation.. I tend to just randomly go into the alleyways! I never got lost, but always managed to discover new places and -ahem- restaurants! Not to mention the grand tour I had during my second day in Damascus!

Anyways… I passed by a restaurant called Naranj, which translates to (نارنج) – some sort of orange specie -bitter one- in Syria.

I entered the restaurants, it was still day time… I looked into their menu and took a couple of pictures

I know the place is kind of newly opened in Kuwait, so I really wanted to try this one in Syria and then the one in Kuwait so I can compare the two.. I marked it as a must visit at a later time when my other sisters and nephew join in from Kuwait

A couple of days later, after their Continue reading

Lazurd Macarres

A day or two after I posted about Lazurd on my blog, I came home to find this goody bag waiting for me from Lazurd

Inside of which were three boxes of different flavors of Macarres! I guess they know how much I liked them 😀

Whats so special about them? They are chewier than macaroons and all of their flavor contains a hint of za’atar – which, to me, made it so special and so different

My two favorite flavors are rose and saffron ❤

Thank you Lazurd – so so so much 😉 I considered it an early birthday gift – very much appreciated ❤

I Like

The November Bakery Heart Breaker Cake 😉

Layers of GOODNESS!! Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Red Velvet, and Chocolate… with cream cheese frosting in between’em!

If I am not mistaken it sells at KD15-20 according to the size you order 😉

To order, call  22253445

Gelato Italiano: Popcorn

MVMJ asked in a post -in some sort of a game competition- her readers to guess the new flavor of the weekend and post the answers on their facebook page (link)… turned out it was POPCORN 😉 And of course… yours truly was one of the winners 😉 I kinda knew about it since we had them -Gelato Italiano Catering- for a special party last weekend at home

One of the special flavors was Popcorn – which is the first time I try from Gelato Italiano, and I am regular – I was like this MUST be it 😉 Anyways… it was so Continue reading

Aone Bakery

Aone is a new bakery specialized in sweets, mini sandwiches, and fresh pastries
They are also introducing, and for the first time in Kuwait,  fresh sandwiches on a wooden base 😉
They are located in AlKhaldiya Block2 behind Abdullah AlOtaibi School
To order call : 97798668
Facebook (link)
للحلويات و المعجنات

يقدم و لو اول مرة في الكويت الصمون على الخشب بمختلف الحشوات هذا و بالاضافة الى انواع متعددة  من الحلويات و المعجنات

العنوان: الخالدية -قطعة٢ – خلف مدرسة عبدالله العتيبي
للطلب : 97798668
Facebook (link)

Loaded Cannoli at Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is back with a new flavor of the month – Loaded Cannoli, made of cannoli ice cream swirled with pistachio, chocolate chips, and cannoli pastry pieces

Cannoli is basically an Italian delicacy -Sicilian to be exact- made of fried pastry tube stuffed with sweet creamy filling! I tasted it at the counter and asked for a regular size scoop to go… but noticed that last month’s flavor -J’adore French Toast (link) is still available 😉

Its the one in the upper left corner! I asked him if it was gonna be a regular and he said no, they will sell till they are out of stock and thats all what they have left in the picture above! So Noor F. its now between you and me 😛

Anyways I got my Loaded Cannoli and ate my scoop at home

From their website, it seems that we are running a month behind and next month flavor will be Toasted Coconut Crunch swirled with caramel ribbon and praline cashews *DOUBLE YUM*

As for the Loaded Cannoli… I did not like it much! It was just okay! The texture was similar to that of cookies and cream… its a bit heavier! The ingredients were just not my thing! Though I liked the crunchy stuff in it.

I will go back and get some French Toast while it last!

Napket Exclusive Dish

Napket (one of my favorite spots in K-Town obviously) is delighted to announce to its fans the premiere of the limited edition “Burger Épicé” in celebration of the National Hamburger Month this May…. Yes my month too 😉 And I love burgers 😀

Well…  Burger Épicé stands for spicy burger in French.  This flavorfl gourmet burger is served with high grade beef patty cooked to perfection, served with crispy onions, cheddar cheese, and special épicé sauce, all embraced with the special rustic bun.

This burger dish is exclusively offered at Napket starting today and for a limited time only during the month of May.

Can’t wait to try it out 😉

Napket is located in The Avenues – Phase II – 1st floor and their Tel # is 22597754

Facebook Group (link)

Twitter @NapketKW


I passed by LAZURD with my friend Amna S. a couple of weeks ago and was in love with the store… the display, the staff! I mean everything was nicely presented and the staff members although busy with customers, they were all smiles…

They invited me to come back again at a less crowded time to be able to pictures freely and taste as many items as much as I want. So we went back again, and this time the chef was there to greet us 😉

At first we were greeted with a mini cup of some sort of a blueberry shot drinks 😉

Then we took the tour inside the store… which is really small, but very nicely arranged… The chef was around to explain each of the items on display with the fabulous Myriam… So lets take the virtual tour inside the store now, shall we?

The store is decorated Continue reading