Star Anise – Tea

My sister sometimes make herself anise tea using star anise. I tried one with her… it smells really good, with a spicy scent tingle!

She started drinking it when she heard/read somewhere about its health benefit and how it works on boosting the immune system (specially with the swine flu craze) – (read about its health benefits here)

6 responses to “Star Anise – Tea

  1. Always with your sister huh?

  2. i love it , it smells like licorice , i also add it to my cardamom and saffron milk , just one star đŸ˜‰

  3. i had a bad experience with star anise so after that i totally avoid anything that has star anise involved in it…it was a star anise sorbet with grapefruit and something ..i had it in Al Boom!! it was terriable i couldnt taste anything else after that…

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