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Ad: Bayan Dental Whitening Kit

Love Bayan Dental new ad 😉 I actually love all their ads! They are always fun and full of life!

Here they are advertising the Whitening Kit on the go – Buy it with free delivery

And they were super kind to send me samples to try out 😉 Can you blame me for loving them?

To find out more call 23824000

Bayan Dental (link)

Facebook (link)

Twitter @bayandentalkw 

Thank you Rama for your continuous generosity 😉 I kinda came over my fear of dentist and I do trust to be on the dentist chair with my two doctors at Bayan; Dr. Waleed AlFulaij and Dr. Alaa Shahrouri

Fit Kid

Starting from the month of May, Fit Kid Club will help by keeping your kids busy with activities like yoga, zumba, cooking, and soccer*!
They also work with nutritionists that will help guide your children into a healthier lifestyle.
They accept both; girls and boys between the age of 5 to 9.
Applications can be found on both their Facebook group and Twitter,
You can also call, and an application will be sent to your location directly 😉
Tues: 5:00PM – 7:00PM
Sun: 5:00PM – 7:00PM
(Packages: 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks)
Phone#: 65188830
Twitter: @FitKidKuwait
Facebook (link)
Address:  Dhahya AbdullahAlSalem, Block1, Street alSana’a, House 35A
*Activities are subject to change

Slim Down For Summer

I was reading this article on Yahoo Health yesterday and thought of sharing it with you all

With SELF’s fun and easy Drop 10 exercise plan, you can tone up all over in just five weeks! The simple slimming formula: cardio quickie workouts that take just 14 minutes, 6 simple toning moves and a sneaky strategy for plowing through them fast.

Why it works:

The moves use a Jedi mind trick to make them more manageable. You’ll do 8 reps of a move, rest for 10 seconds, then do 7 reps, rest for 10, and so on, until you’re left with one measly rep. Couple that with the fat-melting magic of Tabata cardio intervals (Tabata simply means 20-second bursts with 10-second rests, repeated 8 times) and you’ll firm fast!

What you’ll need:

A stability ball and a set of medium-weight dumbbells. That’s it!
What to do: Complete the Drop 10 toning moves below 3 times per week, counting down sets from 8 reps to 1 rep with rests in between.

Works biceps, butt, thighs
Stand with a stability ball pressed between your lower back and Continue reading

New @ Lofat

Lofat Group emailed me earlier today informing me about their new offers/competition/announcements 😉

Here goes the first news item… A new offer that is valid till May 5th 2011

Subsribe for 5 healthy meals per day for a month for KD179 instead of KD199 – Call 22250650 for more info

The other news item is about their Fridges in Coops… they are now selling their food in three more Coops making it available for us in the following spots: AlFaiha, AlDahiya, AlNuzha, AlMansouria, Kaifan, AlJabriya, and Mishef 😉

And the last but not the least is some sort of competition they have for kids between 6-16 years of age:

Interested in losing weight?
Want to do it for free?
If you are between 8-18 years and willing to share your story, send us a paragraph of 150 words on why you should be selected to win a one month FREE subscription with Lofat Juniors and get a chance to compete and win a trip to Disney Land Paris
For more, contact us on

I think they are great offers from Lofat 😉

For more you can LIKE their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter: @LofatGroup

A Visit From “Talia”

As I was chillaxing in my room… a very lazy Saturday I must say, I received this bag from Lofat!

Inside of which was their new dessert Talia

Layers of crushed digestive biscuits with some other yummies in between… topped with white icing!

195 Calories + 3.9gm Protein + 40.4gm Carbs = GOODNESS! I cant believe its LOFAT!!!

They will start selling it tomorrow in the following coops (Lofat Fridges): Faiha – Kaifan – Jabriya – Mishref… and it will be added to their Lifestyle menus as well to be included within the diet meal plans 😀

For more call 22250650 or follow them on Twitter: @LofatGroup – Facebook (link)

Mubarak Hospital – Scientific Day

Mubarak Hospital will be having their first Scientific Day today at 9:00AM

I will try my best to attend and cover the event 😀

Stay healthy 😉

Lofat Tweets!

@LofatGroup is now active 😉 They are giving daily health tips on both their Twitter and Facebook pages using Arabic & English

They are also asking questions on Twitter and collecting points for their followers for weekly competitions! Nice 😉 The questions asked are general health questions as well as info hunting of their items from their menu…

Or simple as taking a picture of whats in front of you! Fun 😉

Don’t miss it 😉

For more, follow them on twitter @LofatGroup or LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

Nexium & Naxiprazol – UPDATE

Not too long ago, I posted about taking Naxiprazol instead of Nexium (link)!

I asked a couple of pharmacists and few doctors (from both; Government and Private Health Sectors) about it… turn out it was okay to take it!

As a matter of fact, Kuwait is known for higher prices in medications worldwide! I did not mean in anyway to show that I do not care about my health and that I wont pay more to get the real thing… if its really “the real thing”

So according to the doctors I asked, I can continue taking it… if you are planning to do so, check with your doctors too 😉


Babak Light Meals

I am so tempted to try those meals! Anyone tried’em before?

“Are you on a diet?? Did you ever want to eat kabab but thought that it has lots of calories??? Now with Babak Grill House you can eat our new kabab meals for lower calories, less fat, and lower sodium salt (suitable for diabetics and people with blood pressure). These meals have been certified by the nutritionist Dr. Bader Nasrallah!!! Now call Babak and order your meals 22255222”

Thanks Ahmad M. 😉


Nexium Vs. Naxiprazol

A while back, I was prescribed to take Nexium

14, 20mg, tablets that sells somewhere between KD7.500 -8.500

While I was in Syria I realized that I had forgotten to bring in a new box, and was left with a couple of tablets only for a 12-days period. I headed to one of their local pharmacies and was given the Syrian version of Nexium, which is called Naxiprazol

20, 20mg, tablets that sells for SYP110 (which is close to  600 fils!!!!)

He said the foreign make of the same medicine is SYP800 (around KD4.600) which is like half the price of the one in Kuwait!!!

After I tried it for few days, same effect and no problem, I went ahead and got few boxes with me back home. Question is, is it really the same? Should I take it with me on my next doctor visit and ask? I have no complaints so far! I am just questioning the price difference!!

Oh and I like the fact that the prices are PRINTED on the boxes of their medications so its fixed all over the city 😉