My friend Mohammed snapped some photos of Juliaa post celebration and its just SAD 😦

Not to mention, I was in the Amiri ER a couple of nights ago and saw all kinds of injuries due to the craziness that comes along with the celebration. People were covered in foam with swollen eyes, blood, and different injuries :-S

WHY!! WHY!!!

On another note… the two medications prescribed for me were not available… MoH is out of medicine!! I got them from our local coop pharmacy!

32 responses to “No-No!

  1. That’s why for the past two days I stayed home and enjoyed browsing the internet peacefully.

    These “celebrations” are nothing but madness!

  2. Somsom…The question is for the guy who supplies the foam, the ministry of commerce and ministry of interior and to the parents who are allowing their kids to go out and join the craziness… WHY???

  3. shay ythayig elkhilg!

  4. Yeah i was at Marina Mall and i saw something similar to this through the bridge ;/

  5. Life used to be better when Chillis and Mango were still names of foods

    Do we know the genesis of this whole foaming shenanigan?

    I say keep ‘ em exhausted. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Let there be music concerts, circuses, talent shows and competitions for singing and dancing, adventure sport and if all else fails, hold high school examinations immediately post National and Lib day break.

  6. big

    3aib wain 7ob’hom el derat’hom!!

  7. First of all, Salaamaat 7abeebtee… ma 3alaich shar…

    As for the foam and the horrible pictures, ma gool illaa 7asby Allah wa ni3ma ilwakeel.

    Laish chithee?? is this “FUN”??

  8. ya know what I hate about all this mess? the wasted and torn up Kuwaiti falgs 😦
    I’m very patriot so I chose to stay home

  9. Not only there ! Shr3 il 5leeej elawi3 il chbd..! I posted two pictures

  10. There must be strict fines for those who sell or use foam !

  11. I’m not being funny but in my experience this is one of the few places where people get injured or die during National day celebrations. 😦
    Like thousands of other residents I opted to stay at home.

    • Its ridiculous and its becoming really dangerous! I saw so many casualties in the ER its scary and sad 😦 People in blood and people fighting 😦

  12. Wat bothers me is when u talk to some of those people they say ” ya3ni mataboon innas testanis .. wain wa6aneyatkom?!” … well this shows the “wataniya” of those people..

  13. The problem is that this littering and abuse of the product is not the responsibility of the manufacturer… I’ve lately seen a lot of anger towards the Kuwaiti manufacturer, which may be out place somehow..

    I really hope they close down this place, but only because of the effect this foam has on the environment. The littering and chaos is just an extra.

    • The price of a foam can can go from 500 fils to KD2…. They should BAN them walla!! Its the act itself, littering, and the aftermath 😦

  14. Truly something should be done about this. I saw little children jumping on the hoods of cars parked outside my building and denting it and foaming it. Same goes for our elevator which was foamed up to the point one felt yucky to use it.
    Now ‘WHY’ is a question we all ask, but its about time someone said enough! and the authorities ban the whole thing…so the rest of us can go out with our families and enjoy the holidays, that is if the weather permits:).

  15. Don’t blame them. They just love their country soo much they can’t handle it. Even that police guy walking between kids with foams spitting banak out

  16. I don’t like it as well but to be honest banning it isn’t the solution. it will make it worst who knows what will come after foam.

    We didn’t have this before because there was parades and festivals during 25/26. why it isn’t done now? I remember going to sa7at el 3alam and doing fun stuff. there was a time where shari3 el khaleej was closed and a carnival will move from the start to the end.

    We can’t ban something with not putting the alternative first. Look at it this way the majless bans singing parties and disco’s start opening in the desert. we say we the drug increase well everything else isn’t allowed and people do need to steam up. But who is looking at it like that from the authorities? sadly none.

    • Banning it is solving more than half the problem. They should make fun and nice events that people will actually attend 🙂 I would love to see parades and festivals like we used to have before.

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