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Wataniya’s GiveKuwait at The Avenues

Wataniya is celebrating their campaign GiveKuwait at The Avenues, and my friend Basma sent me pictures of the event from there earlier!

They have a studio in the mall where you can get your video/audio recorded, edited, then uploaded to “GiveKuwait” website!

Here is Amal AlBary participating in the campaign

The studio will be there till the evening! You can go check it out and/or participate 😉

For more, click here!

New 518 Sponsor – Chocolate & Macaroon

I am happy to announce a new sponsor on my blog, Chocolate & Macaroon 😉

I have wrote about them before, and to name a few here are some (link), (link), (link), and (link)

Merry Christmas ;-)

To all my Christian friends and readers! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I dedicate this post to you all with different pictures I have taken in London earlier 😉

Thats Santa I have spotted in Ted Baker’s store in Guilford (link)

Christmas trees for sale in Portobello Road Market (link)

Even signs of festivities in Covent Garden (link)

And below are Continue reading

Family Lunch ;-)

We had a big family lunch earlier…. it was FULL HOUSE and the gathering was full of fun and yummy food 😉

I am so happy everything went perfectly fine… the tables were set and ready, family members started to arrive at around 1:00PM… the food looked so good, and my camera was ready of course 😉

My half American cousins were here with their kids and spouses too… some of them for the first time in Continue reading

G & N Cookies

About two weeks ago, I came home to fine two dozens of G&N Cookies waiting for me to attack 😉

We had a couple of friends over, so I quickly opened the bag…. initially the VERY nice owner asked me how many DOZENS do I want! I think she knows I am a cookie monster, but Thank God I was rational that day, I asked her not to send too many or else I would eat it all LOL

She also asked me what flavors do I like, but I asked her to surprise me… and boy she did 😉 Many flavors of Continue reading

I Like….

The new Wataniya Telecom playing cards ❤

“ٍشيل و انت ساكت” X-D

I guess the best way to translate that (somewhat lost in translation) is “Pick and shuffle the cards loser!” LOL

China Kitchen

Anfal, my sister, was invited to China Kitchen and kept raving about it… So we went with our friend Lamia to try it out for dinner earlier today.

Now to begin with, the place is small, and resembles those restaurants Continue reading

Recommended – Twix Fino

While in London, my friend Fatma S. suggested I try Twix Fino…

A newer version with less calories and no biscuits…

Instead… its filled with crunchy wafer very similar to Gavottes Crepes 😉

The Verdict: Definitely yummier than the old version and the lesser amount of calories lessens the guilt 😉 Do we have it in Kuwait?

What’s His Problem???

This idiot guy needs help! He is so upset that USA lost the bet to Qatar for World Cup 2022! Seriously???????


GulfRun 6 Meetup


I was invited by my friend Marzouq to attend GulfRun 6 Meetup in Shuwaikh. Being the gentleman he is, he sensed my hesitation since such events would be flooded with stags and no hens, he asked me to come and check the preparations before the event 😉 I gladly accepted and went there with my camera

I must admit that the efforts put into making this event were remarkable! Turning a storage area into Continue reading