52 Degrees – Soft Opening

I was invited to the soft opening of 52 Degrees earlier today.

I went to the event with my cousin Noufa, and I must say it was amazing! Everything was well put together, the atmosphere/concept of the store was awesome…. red neon lights with fans hanging on the walls, some melted furniture! It felt they are really working under 52 C! Froobie’s design was a modern igloo-like in the middle which work out really nice (froobie is short for frozen roob/yogurt) and I cant wait for them to officially open!

Below are some pictures I have taken of the event (I will be posting nicer ones soon if I get them from 52 Degrees’ team)

For more, you can check out their Facebook page (link), Twitter (link), and blog (link)

3 responses to “52 Degrees – Soft Opening

  1. eh wala kan 3ajeb 52 mag9raw kelhom o thanx for posting lo7ty (ipop-Darb alzalag)

  2. Nice pictures Ansam.. And yes tonight event at 52 degrees was awesome. Loved the fashion, accessories, perfume and arty items.. Very much impressed with its high standards.. Made me really proud Of all the participating kuwaiti designers and artists.. Froobie structure on the other hand screamed ultra modern .. I digged it a lot.. and I can’t wait for their fat free sugar free good stuff 🙂 Chewy gowey dessert samples were as usual yummy.

  3. We should plan these visits, i had a feeling that this would happen

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