The Living Room Lounge Brunch

Over a month back, and exactly a couple of days after Eid AlAdha, we went to The Living Room Lounge for brunch.

We were six persons; my mom, sisters, cousin, his mom, and I 😉 We all ordered the same drink, so it was served in a pitcher (I can’t remember the name of our drink, but it was the one with ginger)

We placed our orders; three Arabian Breakfasts and Three Scrambled Eggs, their famous scrambled eggs Danderma wrote about a while back… but I never got the chance to try/review it till now 😉 So just like Danderma, I usually go there for coffee/mocktails, enjoy the weather… be it day or night, the view is always fabulous, specially when you get to sit out (I actually never sat inside) in their bunglow-like atmosphere! You’re lucky if you get a good table out during the day light (shaded area) and enjoy the sea breeze (by the way, Ansam is Arabic for breeze :-P) Also at night with the lights all over! Its just a lovely atmosphere.

The Arabic Breakfast (labneh was replaced with Halloum)

And the infamous yummy scrambled eggs

The food was great and everything was well put together, the place itself, the atmosphere, the company and the food… everyone was full and satisfied at the end, the Arabic breakfast fava (broad) beans was really good. The scrambled egg was just amazing (keeping in mind that I like my eggs poached or sunny side up). It came in with potato slices topped with cherry tomatoes… and you know how I always say the atmosphere and food presentation makes up for half (if not more) the experience? The presentation there was a total eye-candy!

Living Room Lounger is located in Marina Waves next to Marina Crescent, and they are open daily from 10:00AM to midnight. Their tel # is 2224 4653.

For more, you can check out their Facebook page (link)

7 responses to “The Living Room Lounge Brunch

  1. i love the location
    but i had a bad experience with the food;s


  2. Love their new menu, however you have to watch what time of day you go as there is a smell that pervades the area when the tide is low, or the breeze blows from a certain direction. Also, beware of those jetski showoffs (jerks). They have been known to swamp unsuspecting diners (my friend & I) sitting next to the glass.

  3. i love their food ,, but their service is UNBELIEVABLY SLOWWWWW

  4. 3lekom bel 3afiya! Their eggs are something!

    a few weeks back i went with my sister and hubby to the living room lounge o sat outside… faj2a the weather became too cold!!! We wanted breakfast but they stopped serving it – i think it was 1 or 2 pm-

    and i was craving the eggs sooo bad… i guess i am still craving them… must give then another try soon…

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  6. I love the place and set up!

  7. At what time do they stop serving breakfast ?

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