What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Any new year’s traditions you have? (here are some)

3 responses to “Questions!

  1. i wanna make sure 2011 is waaaaaaay better than 2010, not that it was bad 😛

  2. heehehehe i was in the first comment in that post ! 😛 mo5le9 7ag ur blog:P !!!
    last year i went to beirut to celebrate with my friends ! and this week i will go to cairo since we just have a 1 day off ! kan weddy aro7 europe bas ma yamdy 3 days 😛
    so ra7at ayam gla9 elmay w eltofa7a in 2 years lol
    i really enjoyed 2010 ! it was amazing and full of joy ! 2009 and 2010 are the best ! i hope that 2011 will join them !
    wish u all the best in the new year ..

  3. To tolerate idiots and haters more gladly 🙂 oh and to have a new wardrobe.. 😛

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