Kuwaitis celebrates Graish during the very last day(s) of Shabaan (The hijri month preceding Ramadan). Traditionally, very light meals are consumed during the last days of the month in preparation for Ramadan. This annual occasion is called Graish (meaning generosity/kindness).

What are you doing this year for Graish?

To check Graish at our house last year, click here!

12 responses to “Graish

  1. nothing
    ma7eb l monasabat;p

  2. Waitnig for your Graish post, please have an option to enlarge pictures for that post.


  3. b+f- ing and D&D-ing 😛

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  5. hmmm… over this summer I’ve teaching Azoz a lot about our traditions…maybe I’ll make a Graish for him and his friends at the Diwaniya 😉

  6. invite me to ur graish plz …. u know last year was the first time i heard of this word! 🙂

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