Okay this is a totally random post with so many food pictures of our graish yesterday with friends. I am scheduling this post for 6:22pm right around iftar time, so you wont go “WHY POST FOOD PICS?” when you’re fasting… but if you are viewing this post at another time, I tell ya… open at your own risk my friend 😉

Now those are assorted nuts and dried fruits from The Nut Tree along with cookies my friend got from Cookies n’ Cream

Graish 01


Graish 02

Lets take a closer look at those dishes… shall we?

Pasta & Artichoke Salad

Graish 03

Mashed Potato Balls w/ Hard Boiled Eggs

Graish 04

Onion Rings – Tempura Style

Graish 05

Kubbah cooked in the oven…. Not fried 😉

Graish 06

Shilla… or how do I say this? Hmmmm Iranian style risotto my friend brought over. IT WAS A BIG HIT! I hope we have some remaining for today hehehe

Graish 07

Nikhi (chick peas)

Graish 08

24 responses to “Graish

  1. Kil 3am ou ente b5air ou yin3ad 3laich ib 9i7a ou slama 🙂
    elcookies shkilhum 7lo mashallah , ou el kobab a7la shay baked ma a7ibha fried .
    ou 3laikum bel3afya 🙂

    • wentay eb se77a o salamaa 🙂 3alaina o 3alaikom inshalla. Thanks… I am avoiding kubbahs as much as I can… alla ye3afeech 😉

  2. and who is the best cook in the bunch?

  3. beautiful table loved everything!

  4. sahtain

  5. alf hana o 3afya.. i love food pix.. it dosnt matter if 9yma or not :p

  6. 3alaikom eb alf 3afya
    l 6awla wel plates shakel’hom perfect even without food on

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  8. can u plz plz get the recipe for that iranian dish…it looks so yummy..plz do

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  10. Pasta & artichoke salad recipe please ?! looks great !!

    and yes thank you for posting about food again .. specially now we7na 9aymeen !! ur an anti-diet anti-fasting blog 😛

  11. 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness this is not a good post to read at this time…

  13. Tara em6aresh el saye’3 baitkom eyee ya’7eth el baje :p

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