Baked Yummies

The owner of Baked sent me some of her yummies to try (the one I posted about earlier) 😉 It was perfect timing since we were having Graish at our house! So here you go with the yummy pics 😉 – we ate a lot of’em while taking them out of the box – Thats how good they are… ahem… I mean were 😛

Whoopie pies in different flavors and filling (LOVED the marshmallow ones – yummmmmm)

And the peanut butter buttons are to die for! I ate most of’em LOL

ahhhhh I cant have enough of those! I am such a cookie monster! The cookies are incredibly YUMMY! ❤

To order, call 97771791

Farah… Thanks a whole bunch xoxo 😉

17 responses to “Baked Yummies

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  2. I just finished eating a chocolate whoopie pie ❤
    They are so so so soft and yummy and chocolaty
    i think i am going to have another chocolate whoopie… maybe half a cookie… It's Ramadan after all…

  3. this might be a little off-topic but i have a strong German Cake craving. PLEASE if you know a decent place that makes delicious german cake, tell me…thanks

    • Its okay 😉 I asked this question on my twitter & facebook page and here are some suggestions for you:
      1. Sugar & Spice
      2. Caramel
      3. English Tea Lounge
      4. Danish Bakery
      5. Piano Piano (Mansouriya Coop)

  4. browsing food blogs day-time in Ramadan .. NEVER AGAIN! :p


  6. yummy it looks great!

  7. Lol @ lateefa. I will give it a shot it looks yummy

  8. You guys try it! Its so good 😉 Ahhh I want some of those peanut butter buttons now!! *sigh*

  9. shakla latheeth ! nkhaleeha bacher 3yal 🙂

  10. Tried it .. The Chocolate whoopie is nice but not that NICE 😛
    I liked the peanut butter more buttons more .. they were really good! 🙂

  11. spot on 🙂

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